March 2019

National Dance Coaches Association

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  • CLI Studios - A FREE Membership Benefit
  • Book Review: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
  • 2019 Conference Speaker: Petra Krebbs
  • Featured Member: Steve Chapla
  • RESOURCE - Coachability
  • RESOURCE - What Drives Winning YouTube Channel
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Please join us for the 2019 National Dance Coaches Conference at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort and Casino and Spa!


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FREE CLI Studios Membership - Are you on board? FREE!

Are you using your NDCA Membership Benefit of FREE classes with CLI Studios? Check out what Jill Lamey, the Head Coach and Program Director of Seton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, had to say about the impact that CLI has had on her program.


How else are you going to expose your dancers to some of the best instructors, dancers, and choreographers out there on YOUR schedule! With CLI Studios, you get to do it without leaving your school or studio, let alone city, which for a mid-west coach like me is huge. We don’t have access to these top instructors without traveling. My kids want to learn but they also have family, school and team obligations, jobs, and the all-important social life that we all know they are never going to short change. With CLI we can bring the classes they crave into our regularly scheduled practice time. Our dancers have learned to move differently and connect more emotionally while expanding their comfort zone with their new dance vocabulary. We need to train their bodies but we also need to train their minds to learn in various manners and methods. CLI does just that with their virtual classroom and wide variety of instructors!

As a coach/teacher you also get access to bonus content providing you with new dance progressions, across the floor work, conditioning, etc. that you can then implement into your daily practice routine. We love that there are a variety of styles and levels to choose from and that warm ups are included to continually change things up as each class is different. We love having the ability to pull up the “Netflix of Dance”, pick a talented and professional instructor within the style we want to work, and know that our girls are developing their personal skills. They are hearing different language and learning from other perspectives ultimately making them better students and dancers; everyone wins!

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Book Review: The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon

Reviewed by: Leticia Carr, M.Ed Instructor & Texan Star Dance Director The School of Kinesiology College of Education Tarleton State University

Have you lost your energy or maybe need some positive reinforcement? Do you feel like your energy is depleted on negativity or negative people? Take a moment to read The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon.

Over the Holiday break, I was able to sit and read, one of my loves that I don’t get to do often because of the hustle and bustle of being a mom, coach, teacher, and wife. I needed to find the energy to make the new year and semester one of my greatest years. My team and mostly importantly, my children and husband deserve for me to be on my “A” game.

The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon was an easy read, and I didn’t want to put the book down. Every chapter spoke to me, and I could relate to the message. Sometimes, we need to experience mishaps in order to guide us to the path we are destined to travel. Sometimes, we need to let go of negative people and circumstances to fill our cup and enjoy the people who want to be on our bus.

After reading the book I feel better about the decisions I make and I understand why. I learned how the energy I give will affect others, and some receiving that energy will be on-board and others won’t. Gordon says that tuning in to one’s love from the heart can make such a difference, and I feel this is sometimes lost when stress and the craziness hits.

Gordon has ten rules about getting on the energy bus. Here are a few.

  • How to react and what to do if vampires try to suck the energy out of you.
  • Sometimes, walking away or leaving that person at the bus stop is okay.
  • Those who want to get on will.

One thing is for sure, this book rejuvenated me to live from the heart and not be afraid to lead the bus. Positive energy may not surface all day or everyday, but this book reminded me of my "why" for coaching and teaching, and helped me start the new year off right. I strongly recommend The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon for anyone needing that extra energy boost!

Speaking of the Jon Gordon Companies...

Did you know that we have a speaker from The Jon Gordon Companies at our 2019 Conference?


Topic Expertise: Positive Energy Tools One Word Vision Culture and Leadership Excellence Purpose and Brand Discovery Entrepreneurial Courage and Confidence

Petra holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and is passionate about engaging, equipping and elevating others to achieve their very best. Her energy is contagious, and her focus on outcomes is refreshing.

Petra’s professional career spans over 18 years in sales, leadership, training and development for several corporations where she helped clients and employees to reach their goals. She is an entrepreneurial thinker and built a large thriving direct sales organization while raising two children. She served there as a Leader, Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Speaker for over a decade. Jon Gordon’s principles have been a guide in her personal and professional journey. Those experiences drive her passion to support others in their quest for excellence.

Her faith is her compass in building a life of purpose with her husband of 24 years. They enjoy traveling with their grown children to connect their world to the global perspective and impact of many.

Featured Member - Steve Chapla of Xavier University

We posed four questions to Steve Chapla, the Head Dance Team Coach at Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio. Steve is a veteran coach who attended the 2018 NDCA Coaches Conference in Vegas. When talking with Steve, his passion for dance team, sincerity, and enthusiasm are immediately apparent. Check out what he has to say about…

What are some issues facing male coaches in this mostly female-dominated sport/art?

I really haven't had to deal with any issues regarding being a male coach in a female-dominated sport. For the most part, everyone I have come into contact with has been friendly and supportive. I feel like as long as one is doing the best job he or she can, it really doesn't matter what sex you are...unfortunately, you do see more male coaches across the board when it comes to coaching sports in general. I look forward to the day and would love to see a female coaching a college football or men's basketball team.

How do you find/recruit dancers for your program? What kind of dancer/person are you looking to have on your team?

Xavier University is a smaller school, with only around 6,500 students, so finding trained dancers can be challenging at times. We do attend a couple of the dance combines around the country, but most of our student athletes seek us out. We have dancers from all across the country - California, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky & Ohio. We want hard working, positive character, dedicated, organized, disciplined, focused dancers on our team. We don't always seek out the most talented athletes- if one has a lot of drive/passion and some athletic ability, we can usually teach them everything they need to succeed in our program.

What things from the conference last year impacted you most? How were you able to apply some of your learning/inspiration to your team?

There were several items I have incorporated into our practices that were discussed at last year’s inaugural NDCA Conference - so many great courses and presentations! I really enjoyed the Proactive Coaching keynote speaker portion- focusing on a positive environment, talking to the team about behavior and character often, & leadership. From items noted at the NDCA conference- I am now having my captains read some leadership books throughout the season and incorporating items learned. Also, the mental toughness class offered great reminders. The dancer injury identification and prevention session was interesting and we have incorporated certain conditioning exercises and stretches to try to avoid some of those common dancer injuries. I could go on and on! Coming together as dance coaches and professionals to share knowledge, ideas and gain different perspectives is very special and needed in the industry.

What do you love most about coaching?

I really enjoy watching my dancers grow as people...the ones that are truly dedicated to the program for 3 or 4 seasons, watching them from their Freshmen year to their Senior year always amazes me! Their improvement, growth, and maturity level is like night and day from beginning to end. Also, I love building relationships with my dancers - I keep in contact with many of my past dancers- grabbing a meal here or there, working out, texting/emailing, etc. I always enjoy seeing and catching up with my alumni dancers randomly and at our Alumni/current team practice & performance every other season! It is so rewarding watching young adults learn life lessons and prepare for the real world.


Steve Chapla coaches at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH. Steve has coached at the college level for 15 seasons. The team has competed at the NDA College National Championships in Daytona Beach, FL for the past consecutive 14 seasons (Division I). The team competes in the POM & HIP HOP categories. Steve competed nationally for 6 seasons (2 in high school & 4 in college), always placing in the top 6. Steve is a native of Naples, FL. and graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree. Steve also works as a Clinical Operations Manager for Covance Inc. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, working out, and spending time with his family, friends, and dog - Maz.

For more information about Steve and the Xavier University Dance Team, check out their website at and Facebook page:

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RESOURCE - Coachability

In an article written for the Coaches Toolbox, Lindsey Wilson talks about 13 ways that athletes can be more coachable. Chances are, you can think of a dancer you work with who has difficulty applying constructive. Here is a sneak peek:

Wilson defines being coachable as:

  • Being grateful that someone cares enough about you to push you to improve beyond where you would get on your own.
  • Being vulnerable enough to know you’re not perfect.
  • Being open to honest feedback (even if it hurts).
  • Working to actively change bad habits.

Ready for more? Check out the link below for all 13 tips.

RESOURCE - What Drives Winning YouTube Channel

This YouTube Channel is packed full of short videos that address specific coaching challenges. Below is a video that shares Kobe Bryant's philosophy on failure, on how he believes it does not exist. A great and different take on how athletes can think more tactfully, and less emotionally. Check it out!

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