Tech Tidbits from Your ITS {2016-2017 v.7}

Set Sail!

Never used Snapchat?
  • There's an app for that! And an ITS to help too :-) Part of the book study will involve a face-to face session where the participants will become familiar with Snapchat and how to use it to share their reflections. Snapchat is the second largest social media network (only behind Facebook), and has grown more in one year than Twitter did in four. As educators, we need to keep up with the growing trends around us, so what better way than to have fun incorporating it into the book study!?!

Already done a PLP with this book?
  • Technology and pedagogy are constantly changing, and that is why we are using a new social media format for the study. Revisiting the concept is a great thing! Plus you get 10 points for all of the reflections.

Don't have a copy of the book? Want to buy your own copy?
  • Before I add the training to Frontline Professional Development for sign ups, I want a better headcount so I know how many books we may need to provide. Let me know in this survey if you're interested and if you need a copy of the book or if you'll provide your own!

Tech Tidbit Time

Want to get some great technology ideas you can use in your classroom? Starting in November, I'll be doing a brief Tech Tidbit Time at each school on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday (at Malibu) and 2nd & 4th Thursday (at Windsor Woods) right after dismissal.

Check out some of the topics I will be covering this year!

Need Technology Help in the Classroom, Lab, or Planning?

If you would like help integrating technology into your curriculum, please take a minute to sign up for some collaboration time on my calendar. Many days fill up quickly.

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