Mom/Dad impact

by Carson

Moving to Lake winsor downs

Moving to Lake Windsor downs effected Paul's mom by making her a part of the homeowners association and on Paul by making him join a new school. The whole book jump started off of lake Windsor Middle School. Paul's dad and Erik could also pursue their "Erik Fisher football dream.

Paul's I.E.P.

During the book, Paul's mom fills out an I.E.P which effected the story by making Paul get kicked off Lake Windsor Middle School's soccer team. Paul's relationship with his parents change after this event." He had a pile of those IEP forms spread out in front of him. He said, 'And what is your name?"

Pauls mom joined with the homeowners association.

Ever since Paul's mom joined with the Lake Windsor Downs homeowners association, there has been a dark trail of effects. First the simplest one is the disappearance of the fish in the pond and the burglaries. Second the lightning that hit a home owner's house every so often. Maybe if Paul's mom didn't join the homeowners association then Erik and Arthur wouldn't get in trouble for their crimes." then the sheriffs department will not pursue further charges against Erik and Arthur"

Paul's dad tries to accompolish the Erik Fisher football dream.

Paul's Dad's dream of the Erik Fisher football dream impacted the story by making the readers scared of Erik. The dream also impacted the Fisher family because of Erik being a bad person. This effected our Paul and mainly the story because if the Erik Fisher football dream then Paul might not be legally blind and get bullied by his brother."I lowered my voice and said to her, 'let me ask you one thing, Mom. When you hot home from the hospital that day, did you see the white hands on Erik's hands?"