School Store

Code of Ethics

Statement of Ethics

  • Negotiating prices
We cannot negotiate prices in the school store. The price listed is what we have to sell it for and if we sell it for less then we are told then we will lose money.
  • Selling damaged merchandise
We will not sell damaged merchandise and if a customer thinks it is damaged then we will replace the product
  • Merchandise return policy
We will replace a damaged product but will not give money back.
  • Accounting procedures
We have to count the money and make sure it matches the spreadsheet and if it doesn't then we have to figure out where the money was lost.
  • Employee theft
We have cameras in the store so if we suspect someone stole money then we can watch the film and see who it was. If we find them than there will be consequences.
  • Checking in merchandise when received
We have to make sure we received all of the merchandise we ordered and that it is the right stuff.
  • Keeping store clean and free of bacteria
We need to make sure we keep the store clean and it keeps the customers coming back if they feel like we are sanitary.
  • Handling employee performance problems
If an employee is doing there job then they need to be reported or you can just talk to them calmly.
  • Handling cash and checks
Make sure you are honest with the money and don't steal it. Put the checks with each other and the cash with each other.
  • Supporting advertising promises
If we say we are going to do something or promise something to the customer, then you have to follow through with them.