Centre for Musical Minds 2023

Feels Like Spring!

Dear CMM Families,

I know you get A LOT of emails and newsletters throughout your week, so I'll try and make this concise.

SUMMER at CMM! Here's what you need to know:

  • Spring Semester: Last day of Spring Semester is May 14. Summer Session begins May 15th!
  • Music is a year-round activity and summer enhances everything we've done throughout the academic year. Imagine taking 3 months off of something that is cumulative...when you return, you've lost a significant part of your investment from the previous 9 months. The same is true for music!
  • Busy? No problem, our schedule is flexible! We do NOT have weekly lessons over summer months. You simply sign up for FOUR 45-min lessons and TWO classes from our extensive list, that work with your schedule. (Class schedules include a PDF program attached in the mass email that went out March 30th)
  • Important: If you opt out of summer, please let us know by April 15th. This means you will be withdrawing from CMM, and will not be able to keep your lesson day/time or teacher for the fall as scheduling priority goes to "currently enrolled" students. Of course we will welcome you back, but you will NOT be able to get back on your teacher's schedule, this I know.
  • Fall: Students who do not opt out of lessons WILL keep their same lesson day/time/teacher for fall unless you request a change.
  • Sign up for summer begins Sunday, April 1st in your My Music Staff Account.
  • Confused about tuition? I've included a different way to look at the year so that you understand our breakdown. We simply take the WHOLE year's activities, events, music, etc...and divide into 12 equal tuition installments. Some months have more, some less, but you are never charged for weeks of lessons we do not have on the calendar. (Also attached PDF in the mass email that went out March 30 for ease of reading.) CMM is like an all-inclusive resort; sometimes you use all the amenities and options, and sometimes you don't. Regardless, you still have the high quality and care you've come to expect. We sincerely hope you're enjoying your time with us and cannot only hear the progress your children have made, but feel their confidence and enjoyment grow as well.

See you all soon!

Kristin, CMM Owner and Executive Director

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