The Real MUGreek

An Anti-Greek Stereotype Campaign

Creative Brief

Carolyn Portner

Vice President of Communication| Panhellenic Association

Background Summary

Client: Marquette University Greek Life. Primarily working for the greek governing councils Panhellenic Association, Interfraternity Council, and National Pan-Hellenic Council.

Service: Assist in this advocacy endeavor. Create a center for all information about The Real MUGreek campaign.

SWOT Analysis:

  • Strengths: This campaign's strengths are going to be the variety of multimedia content and the extensive information accessible. Additionally, the professionalism and innovative campaign site will create a center for all information regarding the real character of Marquette University Greek Life.
  • Weaknesses: The shortcomings of this campaign is waiting for the production of multimedia. In having to wait for anti-greek stereotype videos to be made, specific aspects of the site will be on hold. It will also be hard to get the participation of the greek community.
  • Opportunities: The Real MUGreek is a perfect way to improve the image of Marquette University Greek Life. This is a chance to provide facts and present the faces of greek life. It also could provide greater recognition of the greek community throughout Marquette, Milwaukee, and beyond.
  • Threats: There are going to be people out there who may not believe the message being sent. Outreach may not have a long-term effect.


Project: To create a website to serve as the hub for The Real MUGreek, anti-stereotype campaign. It will also be necessary to promote the campaign through print ads, social media and innovative tactics.

Design: Create a logo and an organized and informative website.

Opportunities: This project is an opportunity to introduce what Marquette University Greek Life is actually about and improve this community's image.


Goals: This campaign and the designs and website that will coincide with it, will hopefully present the positives of Marquette University Greek Life. The image of greek communities are often tarnished by media and campus stereotypes. The hope is to break down those walls.

Objectives: Create a professional website for campaign, promote website and campaign and work to improve the image of Marquette greek organizations.


The audiences that will be affected by this campaign will be Marquette greeks members, administrators and the general student body.

Greek Members: Much of the greek community understands what these organizations true intentions are. However, sometimes the actions of some greeks do not display this understanding. Therefore, this campaign will still affect this audience because it could advocate the importance of the image of greek chapters and the impact our actions affect that image.

Administrators: Marquette administration has a rocky relationship with the greek community at times. From Marquette University Office of Student Development to Father Pilarz, faculty and administrators keep a close eye on greek organizations. Rightfully so. However, this audience needs to gain greater understanding of what these value-based organizations are like beyond the occasional university violation by specific chapters.

Student Body: The student body perception of greek life varies per student. But, there is always going to be that person who believes greeks "pay for their friends," or that "all greeks do is party." This campaign will introduce a more sincere side of greek life.


The approach that will be taken in terms of tone will be professional. The hope is that by displaying inspirational and mature perspectives of greek life, greater respect will be gained. The website will culminate this tone visually, through the information provided and by the positive greek members displayed.


The message being sent is there is more than meets the eye to the greek community. Members involved are motivated and service-oriented leaders on Marquette's campus. Additionally, greek chapters focus on sincere relationships that are bounded in their organizational goals and values. One misrepresentation can ruin the entire community's image. This campaign and the resources this project will provide with make the voices of the strong organizations louder than negative individuals.


In terms of images, my position of Vice President of Panhellenic Association allows me to communicate easily with individual chapters if I need pictures, information, etc. I can rely on that for additional images outside of the pictures I will capture. I plan on doing a greek wide picture on April 6th.


As the designer, I will report to the Marquette University greek governing councils; Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association. Each executive board will and can critique the website. Additionally, I will report to Linda Menck my professor.