Portfolio Assessment

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By Catherine. A & Iyanuoluwa. A

Grade 5 Literacy Portfolio

Within this portfolio, student’s will demonstrate their progress in reading, speaking, writing and showing their understanding of literacy. Students will reflect on their strengths as readers, writers, and speakers, and identify areas for improvement, along with methods to attain this improvement.

Audience: Grade 5 Language students in Ontario elementary schools.


This is to enable students to not only keep track of their work and progress as it is integral to completing this portfolio, but also to be able to showcase their work to peers, friends, and family. Students will be able to show concrete evidence of their growth through the presentation of their work, and also show differentiated pieces of highlighting the different areas of Language explored (reading, writing, oral). This portfolio will be used as a resume of work to showcase learner’s growth, learner’s self assessment, and learner’s self-adjustment as different applications of understanding are reflected over the terms.
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Learners will include in their portfolio;
Language pieces they are most proud of, most challenging, most growth from the beginning of the term, Most creative, most learning achieved, needs improvement, and least proud of.


Writing: Reading comprehensions, journals (both written, typed, or blogs), Essays, Letters, Newsletters, Flyers, and reflections.

Reading: Progression of reading literature such as ; magazines, books (fiction & non-fiction), newspapers, blogs, poems. These will all be recorded in a detailed reading log (record)

Oral: Presentations, videos, podcasts, or scripts

Specific Products

8 Reading comprehension journal entries from the beginning, middle and end of term

6 Journal entries and essays from the beginning, middle, and end of term

3 reflection pieces from the beginning, middle and end of term.

Detailed Reading log (record) - showing reading progression over the term. It should indicate development in reading materials and interests.

3 Oral representation; i.e. 1 video and one script, and one podcast, or one podcast and one presentation, and one script - from the beginning, middle, and end of term.

Student Improvement plan for assignments that need improvement (as chosen by student & teacher)

The Essence of the Portfolio

Students will be able to keep track of and see their language progress throughout their grade 5 year.

They will be able to pinpoint where they started off in (reading, writing, and oral), areas they have improved, and areas that are still in need of improvement. Students will then be able to create an action plan, in conjunction with their teacher (and possibly parents) to attain improvement.

Students will also be able to track their interests, highlight tasks they really liked, and those they have little interest in; ultimately tracking their growth over the year.

Students should be able to adequately self-assess, peer assess, and have deeper knowledge and understanding of the importance and use of literacy.

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