John Quincy Adams

6th President


Born: July 11, 1767

Grew up in Braintree, MA


Wife- Louisa Adams

Son- Charles Francis Adams

Mother-Abigail Adams

The Father- John Adams who was the 2nd president of the USA


Continental Congress, oversee the execution of the Revolutionary war

His father was the one who involved him in the government of the United States

Campaign For Presidency

John Quincy Adams was president from years 1825-1829

His Vice President was John C. Calhoun

Andrew Jackson was a main rival against Adams

Didn't have a slogan

Democratic Republican Party


Chosen by the House of Representatives after no candidate secured a majority of the electoral votes.

Adams received 108,740 popular votes

"I am deeply conscious of the prospect that I shall stand more and oftener in need of your indulgence." Quote From Inauguration

During Presidency And After

Erie Canal is Completed

Military Manuals are Created

Previous Presidents Jeffreson and Adams

Resolution of War Damages

MFN trade system

After presidency Adams started his Antislavery Congressional Career

Details About Death

On February 23, 1848, at the age of eighty, the former President died.

A severe stroke first hit him and then a few days later he slipped into a coma that eventually killed him.

Fun Facts

He became a lawyer without going to law school

Became the only US ex president serve in the House of Representatives

Lost his second term to Andrew Jackson