early explorer


My explores name is Bartolomeu Dias. His biggest accomplishment is a breakthrough of circumnavigation, The cape of good opened up lucrative trading routs from Europe to Asia.

Early Life

My explorer was born in 1450 and born in Portugal. Dias brother Pero Dias also was part of 1487-88 voyage.

Reasons for explore

In 1486 King Joao 11 (King John 11) assigned Dias a member of the royal court. Dias was to search for the land of Prester John.
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Discover--give details

For transportation he used a ship by 1488 Dias had unknowingly rounded the African continent in a what is now mossel bay. For his discovery he found a path to open.


He died may 9th 1500 he died because his ship went down in a storm. Dias accomplished the voyage that resulted in the discovery of brazil.
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A breakthroug of circumnavigation.

Saturday, Dec. 15th 1488 at 9pm

Europe To Asia