By: Josie Ferro

Animals We Are Most Exited About

Pandas, Polar Bears, and Rabbits. The Pandas were the most expensive, the Polar Bears were the second most expensive, while the Rabbits were the cheapest.

How Many Animals Are At Zoolandia?

At Zoolandia we have about 252 animals.

The most animals that Zoolandia has is the Rabbit's.

The Main Attraction

The main attraction is the rabbit petting zone.

There are 130 different rabbits to choose from to pet.


The location of Zoolandia is in Arizona, in the Grand Canyo.

Arizona only has 6 other Zoo's, and none are near the Grand Canyo.

Money Summary

In total, I spent $999,050 out of $1,000,000.

I saved a total of $950.

I spent the most money on the Panda Bears, I bought 4 Panda Bears and that cost $200,000 just for the Panda Bears.