Jamaica Summer Support 2020

Keeping Our Students on Track for the 2020-21 School Year

Working Together to Support Our Students and Families

Jamaica Parents,

Welcome to summer! We finally made it through our end of year together. I want to take the time to applaud our teachers, staff, and families who worked so hard to help our students continue to thrive even during closures. It was not an easy task, but we are always in this together. I am grateful for the many ways I was able to see our school, community, and families come together during this difficult time.

It is my hope that your summer allows you time to enjoy each your families and get some needed down time together in this fast paced and ever changing world. I know that families may be concerned over the progress their students are making or maintaining over the summer. So, I have attached some resources for parents and caregivers for activities and learning platforms to support your students should you want to provide practice or access to tools over the summer. I have also attached some support tools for addressing some of the social/emotional topics that may need to be addressed as your students transition through these times difficult times. I hope they will be of value to your families. Our counselor has also updated her summer newsletter on our school website with additional supports there as well.

Attached below is a letter from our Superintendent addressing our planning for the start of the year. We are committed to supporting our students and families no matter how short or long term our social distancing is required to keep our communities safe. We will be in communication with you as the summer progresses and further decisions are able to be made for the start of the year. We hope you will remain flexible as the information is shared by our state and our district. We also hope that you will reach out if any additional support is needed over the summer.

Please be sure to look at our district website https://lhusd.org or our Facebook page LHUSD#1 for updates on information and district supports. Our office is now open intil June 10th before our office staff goes on leave to receive calls, receive registrations, or be here to help answer any questions. We are here to support you as needed!

Thank you for your partnership in keeping our students safe and supported during these times! Together we can do anything!


Andrea Helart, M.Ed.


Jamaica Elementary

A Letter from our Superintendent

Dear LHUSD Families,

We have received many questions regarding our plans to open school beginning August 3, 2020. At this time, we are planning to open school. However, what that might look like is still a work in process.

Under the direction of our new Superintendent, Dr. Rebecca Stone, we have formed a task force that is looking at our operations and instruction to ensure that we are providing a safe and healthy learning environment with tailored instruction to meet students’ needs.

Our task force includes stakeholders from the district office and all of our schools. However, we also need input from our parents regarding concerns and needs. Dr. Stone will be sending a survey during the week of June 16th. Your responses will greatly assist us in planning for the 20-21 school year.

Governor Ducey has continued to offer guidance for Arizona to STAY HEALTHY. RETURN SMARTER. RETURN STRONGER. Recently, we have also received a “Roadmap for Reopening” from the Arizona Department of Education. We also recognize the importance of local decisions that are made to meet the needs of our community. The Task Force is reviewing the ADE guidance and will consider all of the information available in planning for August.

In the meantime, what are we doing to keep staff, students and the public safe?

· Keeping our buildings sanitized and cleaned based on guidance

· Installing hand sanitizers in frequented locations

· Practicing social distancing

· Marking floors to assist in 6’ spacing

· Practicing and encouraging frequent hand washing

We are providing “grab and go” lunches from now through mid-July between 11:30 – 12:30 daily at Thunderbolt Middle School, Smoketree Elementary School, and Nautilus Elementary School. Signs will direct you to the distribution area; it will not be a drive through distribution.

Remember, our buildings are now open for registration and other school related business. We ask all visitors to follow the recommended CDC guidelines, which include social distancing and use of hand sanitizer when entering the building. Some of our schools’ front offices will be in alternate locations while there is work being done to enhance safety and security. If you are visiting a school, please watch for signs to the alternate location.

Please check our district website www.lhusd.org for updates, as information is frequently changing!

We have missed seeing our students and learning together. We are looking forward to the reopening of our schools.


Diana Asseier


Supporting our Students Academically

As you know, the summer months can lead into what can be known as the "summer slide". This year, with a total five months separation between the students and their teachers, a little extra support and practice in their skills will definitely help keep them on track for the fall.

With that said, there are links below for reading lists, online websites, and suggestions for activities that can be both fun, creative, and can encourage academic growth during these summer months. The bottom line is that we know kids are resilient, so we are excited to have them back into the classroom in the fall and help them to continue to grow. But until then, here are some resources for your families to access to support them and allow you all to have a little bit of learning fun together this summer!

May you enjoy your time together! Have fun, be safe, and focus on each other!

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Math Resources

Below are some resources to support your students with strategies from our Singapore Curriculum, as well as some online tools to practice their math skills.

Now Let's Have a Little Bit of Fun....

Your families have worked hard to stay on track this last quarter. So, don't forget to have a little fun! Here are some creative ideas some fun at home! :)
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Parenting During a Pandemic

We know that this has been a trying time for all of us. So, here are a few tips to help families calm fears and manage the stress and anxiety of all of this time at home. We all need support during the transitions we are facing through this pandemic. As a school, we are here to support you in any way we can!

Addressing Hard Issues with our Children

We are committed to supporting our families in all things, and sometimes that means finding ways to help parents address hard issues. In our schools, it is our responsibity to teach history and the study of society our culture.Therefore, we are also committed to being culturally responsive to the needs of all of our students. This is something we try to do everyday to help accomplish our mission of building students who are focused on scholarship, character, and humanity.

With that goal in mind, our school is also committed to supporting our families in navigating the conversations around the events that are becoming a part of our history. These are not easy conversations. So, we hope that we can support you by providing resources that may guide you in having healthy, meaningful conversations with your children on topics that you may be addressing at this time. We will continue to work to build our own awareness in our school and local community of how we can be proactive in supporting each other every day.

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