Dream Team Weekly Newsletter

March 21st-24th

What are we doing?!

This week we will wrap up our unit on fairy tales! We have been using story maps to retell the story and focusing on key parts of each story. In math, we will be taking our math assessments. Our writing focus will be writing a fun and inviting narrative! Your baby worked SO hard on their dinosaur book that I wanted to make this week's writing a little less stressful.

Fluency Phrases

Please make sure that you are allowing your child to read their Fluency passages to you each night! Please remember that this is a 1 minute timed reading. They read as many words as they can. If they read a word incorrectly or skip a word subtract that from the total words read at the end. I test them on each Monday and Friday and hope that they have practiced it at home Monday night-Thursday! I have recorded their time from today on the bottom of the passage! If you have any questions let me know! This week your baby will be tested on Thursday for their final fluency assessment!

.:A Few Odds and Ends:.

*The money ($20.00) for purchasing our class book is due MARCH 24! Please remember the sign and return the form even if you DO NOT want a copy of your child's hard work! If you do not wish to purchase a copy of the book, just check the "no" box at the bottom of the form and sign your name in the signature box. If you need another copy of the form, just let me know of course!


AR Points!

This 9 weeks I will try my best to keep you updated on AR points! Each child is working to get a total of 5 AR points throughout the 9 weeks to earn a trip to the AR Party at the end of the 3rd Quarter! Here are last weeks point totals! Keep working hard, super readers! You rock!

Kindergarten: Jeremiah (0.5), Kayson (2.2), Ethan (1.0), Alyssa (3.0), Drew (5.4), Tyrus (2.1)

First Grade: Keyasia (0.4), Camiree (1.8), Xavier (0.4), Azia (1.0), Donovin (2.2), Jamarion (1.0), Zymir (0.5)

Congrats to DREW for being the first member of the Dream Team to reach his 5 point AR goal!!

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Please keep in mind that library books are due back each Monday. Also remember that if your child would like to take an AR test on their library book they must read it at least 2 times prior to taking the test. This may mean reading it twice in one night or that may mean reading it for 2 nights, whatever your child prefers to do is fine!

Also, PE is on Tuesday. Please make sure that your baby wears appropriate shoes on Tuesday so that they may participate in the activities during PE!

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