MRE Update

November 18, 2021

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Winter weather apparel

In true New England fashion, the weather has been varied day to day over the past few weeks. Many days are now starting with frost on the ground and staying cool all day. Other days see bright sunshine and 60 plus degrees by the afternoon. With this in mind, we intend for students to go outside as much as possible this year just as they did last year. This included masks breaks during the day as well as for recess. Please help your child have all the necessary clothing for cold and/or snowy weather.

We will send the students outside as much as possible. As a guideline, MRE will have indoor recess if the temperature is below 20 degrees or if there is heavy precipitation. Student do go out if there is light snow happening.

Please make sure students have boots, a coat, gloves or mittens, snow pants and a hat for the winter. Students are not allowed to play in the snow without boots and snow pants. As students get older, they like to wear sweatshirts instead of jackets. With wind and snow, this is not considered a jacket. Sweatshirts also get wet quickly.

Please talk with your child daily about what is appropriate to wear to school. Take into consideration that the predicted temperature is not assured and that the wind chill often drops the temperature by five to ten degrees. It does get particularly windy on the playground with very little to break the wind coming across the fields. With a 10 mph wind, a 45 degree day quickly becomes 33 degrees just above freezing. Many students want to wear shorts to express their independence and individuality. Please have thoughtful conversations with them each morning about what they wear. If the temperature is near 45 degrees and windy, let your child know that they may be asked to wear pants and a warm jacket out to recess or stay inside.

A message from the Reading Team

Hello MRE Families,

November is family literacy month. Fostering a love of reading is a huge component in our reading instruction here at MRE. We love to see books in the hands of children and watch as they talk and discuss their favorite books. We thought we would highlight some fun things families could do around reading. Finding time to read each day with your child helps them to grow as a strong reader.

Here are a few things you could try:

  1. Having your child read the recipe you’ll be making for dinner.

  2. During dinner time, discuss what your favorite character may eat for dinner.

  3. Act out your favorite story.

  4. Create a cozy reading nook somewhere in your home.

  5. Visit your local library

  6. Make fun bookmarks to use while you are reading.

  7. Read to a relative or a friend far away on zoom.

  8. Have kid karaoke night. Sing along with the words on the screen while you dance your feet off.

Reading doesn’t just mean sitting down with a book. Reading occurs everywhere. Making reading fun, instills that love of reading and builds reading stamina.

Attached to this newsletter is a brochure with more fun helpful tips for reading with your children.

Also, if you come across any books with a label “return to book room or reading room” that were borrowed awhile ago, please send them back in with your child. Thank you.

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures” – Mary Pope Osborne

The Reading Team

MRE Event at the Town Library

Wednesday, Dec. 1st, 6:30pm

717 Main Street

Lancaster, MA

PTO News & Events

Meet & Greet Event

The Lancaster PTO is hosting a “Meet and Greet” on Saturday November 20 from 11-1 at Meadowbrook Orchards.

This informal event is a way to meet the members of the PTO, find out more about what the PTO does and some of the volunteer opportunities available. It will also serve as a forum to hopefully generate some new ideas and events for this school year.

We hope to see you there !

Thank you !

The Lancaster PTO

PTO Fundraiser

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In Our Nashoba Community

See’s Candies 2021 Holiday Fundraiser

Nashoba Regional Dollars for Scholars’® mission is to recognize student efforts and encourage their future success through scholarships. In 2021 alone, the generosity of our local community members made it possible to award $25,000 in scholarships to 20 seniors, but we need your support to continue this 30-year tradition. Purchase See’s candy for the holidays to help us raise money for scholarships and make the holidays even sweeter. Send a treat for Thanksgiving or do your Christmas shopping early. Just remember to let the recipient know that something sweet is on the way.

Click here to choose your favorites and buy your candy online or go to our website at

See's will begin shipping wrapped candy on November 10th, and the sale ends December 3rd. Nashoba Regional Dollars for Scholars is also seeking volunteers to help administer and award scholarships.

Helpful Information & Links

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Nashoba Nutrition Services

Lunch menus and important updates can be viewed here

Reporting a Student Absent & Dismissal Reminders

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For the safety of all children, we ask that parents do not approach the buses in the school parking lot to get their child off the bus before it pulls out. A change in pick-up plans must be made well in advance of dismissal. The end of day dismissal is a busy time for all staff and we want to ensure the safety of all students. Thank you for your understanding.

Helpful Tip

One email to the teacher and touches base with all the people that need to be in the loop at once.

Tardy? Dismissing early?

Please ring the bell and let the office know who you are at the door. If you are dismissing a student early, we will call them down and they will meet you at the MRE front doors. If your child is arriving tardy, the door will be unlocked for them and they will then come to the office and get signed in. Parents do not need to physically sign a student out on the clipboard as has been practice in the past. Thank you!

Mary Rowlandson Elementary School

To report a student absent, please send an email to: