Oct 16 Walk For Diabetes

Oct 19 Fire Prevention assembly

Oct 20 Field Trip to Arboretum

Oct. 20, 22, and 23 Parent Conferences (sign up genius)

Oct 23 PTA Reflection projects due

Oct 23 Early Release 12:30

Oct 24 5:00 PTA Hoe Down

Oct 26-30 Red Ribbon Week (watch for fun crazy dress up days for that week)

WHEW! These shorts weeks are sure fast. We tried our best to accomplish a lot in the little time.

I have received most of the permission slips for our field trip to the Arboretum on the 20th. If you have not sent it, please do so ASAP. I will resend a copy on Tuesday to all the ones I am missing just in case it has gotten lost. I had so many of you respond to being chaperones that I had to put your names in a hat and draw! Thank you for being so supportive! If you are not selected as a chaperone, PLEASE come and meet us at the arboretum and tour the gardens and pumpkin village with your child's group. The children's garden is phenomenal! It will become a family favorite if you have never been. The chaperones are:

Michele Haver

Sarah Littlefield

Christie Zupancic

Becky Jones

Shaun Bryant

Please send me your checks for your tickets asap. Thank you for volunteering. If you can't come, let me know and I will draw another name. I hope lots of you take off and come meet us for a wonderful fall day!

This Friday is the Walk for Diabetes day for the entire school. Please be sure your child has on tennis shoes. We have been asked to have every child return the envelopes with their information on them, even if your donations are made on line. We will be skipping the regular rotation day for fine arts and going to do the walk, so next Monday, Oct. 19 will be music, day 5. On our field trip day we just miss fine arts, but it is not skipped in the rotation, so Wednesday, Oct. 21 will be art, day 2.

I am going to be doing a project in science on force and motion at the end of the month. I will need pumpkins of varying sizes for the experiment. We will be looking at how to move them on a flat surface and on a slope. I would love some pumpkin donations (big, medium and small), and maybe a slip and slide or two (I can return the slip and slides if needed). Send them in at any time! Thanks in advance!

Lastly, I would love to see all (or most) of my class participate in 2 AMAZING opportunities. The PTA Reflections program is a great way for your child to do something artistic and purposeful. The deadline for entries is in 2 weeks, so get started! The second opportunity is Destination Imagination. My own daughters were all involved in this super fun program. I have coached teams and been a judge. It combines problem solving, acting, science and more! A team picks a category and a challenge and then has to find a creative way to show their findings. Please look into this program and sign your child up this incredible experience! Here is the link to the PTA website with the information and paperwork for both of these opportunities:

My BIG evaluation is this Thursday, first thing in the morning. Please help me out by speaking to your kiddo about showing up with their best behavior, great brains and super sweet attitudes. Even after 100 years I still get nervous over these things! :) It is stressful!

Hope you have enjoyed your long weekend with your family.

April McGhee


Math-We finally finished our place value unit. The kids did a big review with their fifth grade math buddies. We will be using our knowledge of place value to work with number lines, ordering numbers, and greater than, less than in our next unit. We are also still working on our Project Based Learning activity of planning the spring field trip. This week the groups will be doing some challenging figuring by finding the cost per bus per hour, how many buses will 2nd grade need, and the price of admission per person and the total for the whole grade level.

Social Studies-We are still talking about citizenship, laws and our government. We made a tree map showing who our president, governor and mayor our and what their jobs are.

Language Arts-We complete our cause and effect work using Officer Buckle and Gloria and took the comprehension test. We worked on using the silent e at the end of words. We also finished looking at compound words and tested over them.

Science-We are learning all about how matter changes. We did The Great Ice Cube Race and tried to find ways to melt ice the fastest.