My Year at a Glance

Miguel Hernandez

About Me

My name is Miguel, I'm a sophomore in high school. I enjoy being with friends and family, watching TV, being outside, and traveling. I am a caring, respectful, and positive person. I have a tendency to be O.C.D at times especially when it comes to my bedroom.

Reflection of My Year

I have had a great year this year. I met new people, strove for success, and i finally got my permit. This year was a tough one for me every night I was literally up until 11,12,1,or 2 o'clock in the morning, but in the end it was all worth it I have all my grades in and am not failing any class nor have I ever. I also had to do things that i dread for example in Speech we have to talk in front of the class for a given amount of time and it was very difficult.

Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be a trip to New York City. I would love to go to the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, a Yankee game, the Empire State Building, and to Times Square. I really enjoy site seeing I love architecture and tall structures. The reason I would like to go to the World Trade Center is so i can pay my respects to the innocent people who died on 9/11, and to go to the One World Trade Center Observatory that overlooks all of NYC. New York City is also a place where every corner you turn there is another thing to see and explore.

Advice to Next Years Students

The number one piece of advice I would give is just be nice to your teacher. It really drives me nuts when a student is so disrespectful to a teacher for no reason. Also, don't get into fights it's not worth it. Another piece of advice is to be involved.