Amazing dances and artist

5 seconds of summer

Luke Hemmings 18, calum hood 19, Michael Clifford 19, and last but not least Ashton Irwin 20 years old. These beautiful singers/songwriters are from the wonderful state of Australia. There band name is 5 seconds of summer they all play instruments, and girls love them! Some Songs by 5sos are Amnesia,she looks so perfect, good girl, and many more.

Australia's a lot like us 😃

If you've watched the American x-factor you should watch Australia got talent or the Australian x-factor. I can almost garuteen that you'll be hooked the dances the songs are mostly the same but the way they sing the songs and dance are just amazing they will surprise you. The first time I watched the Australian x-factor I was so amazed, there talent is spectacular.