Number The Stars

By Lowis Lowry

So Far Annemarie as lived an complicated childhood.

As of three years ago there have been Nazi soldiers on every street corner, the food is scarce and her once fun loving older sister is gone.

Now Annemarie lives with her Mom, Dad, and younger sister Kristi.

Her best friend Ellen and her parents are Jewish. So when the Nazi's start "relocating" Jews, the Rosen's vanish and suddenly Annemarie has two sisters again instead of one.


I give this book a....

Description, Rating, and Genre

I would describe this book as suspenseful because it keeps you guessing and makes you want to keep reading. i would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to read non-fiction holocaust books but still wants to learn about what happened during that time period. This is a fiction book and i give it and 4 out of 5.