HIV/AIDS in Africa

Roberto and Michael

10 Facts

-Aids is an advanced from of HIV.

-There is no cure.

-Spread through bodily fluids.

-Most common in southern Africa.

-Many people don't know they have this disease.

-Lots of children have this disease.

-Two thirds of the people in the world with aids, are in Africa.

-In 2014, 1.4 million people contracted HIV/AIDS.

-8.4 million deaths from 1995 to 2013.

-3 in 4 people with HIV/AIDS die.

HIV/AIDS affects regions all over Africa that are poor. People who suffer can not receive treatment when they have HIV, and this then turns to full blown AIDS. This is a major disease in Africa, in Sub-Saharan Africa 69% have HIV/AIDS. To limit this disease Africa needs to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS, so people know how to avoid it.
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