Wanted for

This element i wanted for use in smoke detectors and its potential use in spacecraft batteries.
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We have not identified any other names of this element. However we know its chemical symbol is AM. This element has been named Americium after the great country it was discovered in America!


Americium is a silvery-white solid. The atomic mass is 243 The atomic number is 95

Americium is a metal its is a solid at room temperature.

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The picture above is Americium's structure. P stands for the number of protons it has. N stands for the number of neutrons it has. The dots on the outside are the electrons.

First Arresting Officer

The first arresting officer was Glenn Theodore Seaborg. Hew was born April 19, 1912 and died February 25, 1999. He went to the University of California. In 1959 he won Nobel prize for Chemistry. In his honor the element seaborgium was named after him. He is the only person to have an element named after him during his lifetime.

Report of first arrest

Americium was discover in 1944 and was artificially made.
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Last seen

Americium's group is actinides and does not occur naturally anywhere on earth.


Americium combines with Oxygen to form dioxide AmO2.


Americium is radioactive! However it is general stable.
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