Common Formative Assessments

Hall Elementary PD

MCPSS administrators were provided with Common Formative Assessment training over the summer. This district initiative is set to roll out in every school during the 2015-2016 school year.

The implementation plan for Hall is as follows:

  • Ms. Miller and I will collaborate to bring to Professional Development and hands-on training to you during the 1st semester.
  • I will link articles, videos, and webinars to this document and link it to your weekly newsletters. There will be sign in sheets and/or refection forms attached to document your participation.
  • Ms. Miller will work with you one Thursday per month to begin the hands-on work of developing your CFAs using the CFA 2.0 template.
  • We will all choose CFA Professional Development as one of our PLP indicators in Educate Alabama. Your participation will be documented as PLP evidence. Mrs. Gray will assign PD hours to you in STI-PD for the PD sessions held on the Thursday dates.

  • Be sure to sign in! CLICK ON THE BAR BELOW and place an X under the 9/7/15 box by your name. This serves as evidence of participation.
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Overview of Common Formative Assessments 2.0

Are your CFAs as good as they could be?

Whether you're completely new to common formative assessments (CFAs) or have deep experience, the Common Formative Assessments 2.0 (CFA 2.0) team can help you take CFAs to the next level. Bring educators and grade-level or course-level teams together to collaboratively create assessments that gauge student learning within a curricular unit of study. The teams will intentionally align their pre- and post-common formative assessments and generate high-quality questions to match the same level of rigor seen in the unit's learning intentions derived from the standards.

This PD will teach you to:

  • Build the “highway” to aligned assessments
  • Decide the learning intentions and student success criteria for a unit of study
  • Evaluate and revise assessment questions for quality
  • Plan the learning progressions for students to attain the learning intentions
  • Create quick progress checks to coincide with the learning progressions
  • Use assessment results as feedback to adjust instruction and student learning strategies.
  • WEBINAR 1: September 21-25


    • View webinar during the week of September 21-25

    • Options: Monday - Friday afternoons at 3:30 in conference room or Monday/Wednesday/Friday during planning in conference room

    • Complete the Relection Activity below

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