November 16th

News from Mrs. Campbell's Room

Thank you for a wonderful International Feast! The food was all delicious and the children really enjoyed having their parents join the fun!

I also really appreciate the birthday gift card to Nordstrom and the beautiful book filled with wish gifts from the students.

What will we be learning/doing after the vacation:

* Language Arts Unit 2 - Week 5: Neighbors get together to have fun and celebrate.

- Vocabulary: enjoy, audience, perform, brilliant, entertain

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): all, put, under, want, show, and together

- -Spelling: fish, shop, ship, with, thin, thank, thick, sixth, run, bug, want, all

- Grammar: Proper Nouns (capitalizing days of the week)

- Skill: 5-Finger Retell

* Math- Chapter 8:Relate Addition and Subtraction Strategies

* Writing- Using a graphic organizer to plan and organize when writing a story

* Science - Animals and their habitats

Important Notes:

- I am sending home a reading pal (stuffed animal) over the Thanksgiving Break. Please have your child read to the animal and take very good care of it.

-Check out the Rancho Santa Fe Review on Thanksgiving morning, Room 11 was featured for our Turkey Stories.

-Make sure to record ALL books read on the Website:

-I bought a yearlong subscription to Raz-Kids!!! It’s a great program that reads books at your child’s reading level, they can also choose to read it to themselves and there is a comprehension test at the end of each story. You can log on through your computer at: or get the app, Learning A-Z. The username is:christycampbell11

-Please make sure your child continues to read, and log onto Compass Learning or Compass Learning nightly.

-I noticed a bunch of students in room 11 need to work on their fine motor skills so I started rotating everyone through 2 different fine motor groups each week. Today we tried squeezing clothes pins with just our two “pincer” fingers and picking up small items. It was VERY difficult for everyone! So, I’m sending home a clothes pin, please have your child pick up different objects. I’m also sending home lined paper and would like your child to write true stores over the break. Thanks for your support!

-I would LOVE to have a parent volunteer ANY time and day help out with my fine motor groups… if you’re interested, let me know.

Picking up items with clothespins!

Book Club

Thank you to the Raiszadeh family for sponsoring Book Club! We loved the bagels!

Upcoming Events:

- Thanksgiving Vacation - November 19th- 23rd

- Holiday Performance: Friday, December 14th at 9:00. Please mark your calendars!!!

- Don't forget to sign up on the WIKI to bring in treats for the Cast Party.

Have a great Thanksgiving,

Christy Campbell

PS-I need to make a correction from last weeks email, the 5 grade level Ipads were from Foundation For Learning Pledge Drive not PTO. Sorry for the error.