mLearning Apps for Success

By Jennifer Canu

Organization Tools


This app is one that will help students keep things organized. This app contains a section to have to-do lists, take notes, snap pictures for later, and organize it all so that it's easy to find. On top of that, you can share the notes that you have made with other people or devices. This is not only a tool that could be used to help with organization but also with collaboration.
Evernote Overview - LEARN MORE BELOW!

Video Tutorials

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free service that one can sign up for. This service provides over 3 thousand videos on different educational topics. They are separated by topic. They also have checkpoints in the units to see if the student is understanding the concepts. This app is a good resource for students when they are at home and maybe don't understand a concept for their homework. This will allow them to access a video to help them understand. Teachers can also set it up so that they can monitor their student success. Available as an App or on computers.

Ted talk

Ted Talk is a group that focuses on sharing innovations. Through videos, experts in many different fields share their story, ideas, and new concepts. This allows the viewer to get the first-hand account the concept. Now with a mobile app as well, students can access information while on the go as well.

Study and Assessment

StudyBlue - Online Flashcards and Study Guide

This app is a cue card app. Students can create a free account and make their own cue cards. Also, a teacher can create cue cards in a classroom set and share with their students. When the students are doing the cue cards, they can make whether they got it right or wrong and the site will create data of how they are understanding the concept. Teachers can also monitor student progress through their classroom decks. This app can also hook up with Evernote so that notes can be easily transferred between apps. This app allows students extra study tools that they can access virtually anywhere.
StudyBlue in the Classroom


Socrative is an amazing app that allows teachers to have real-time assessment measures in their classroom. They can upload their quizzes using an excel spreadsheet or they can type them in. Students then use their phones to either answer questions in real time or complete the quizzes. Teachers will get a report on how the students are answering the questions so they can quickly formatively assess their students understanding. Finally, this game has also built in a little game in the form of a rocket race to make the assessment fun as well.
Using Socrative in the Classroom


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