Special Education

*** Breaking Through Cultural Differences ***

How do we reach out to families of different cultures?

We help parents locate community resources.

  • Children watching siblings that need day care
  • No clothing available that need more clothes
  • After school programs
  • Free school supplies

We have planned activities to bring parents into the school.

  • Performances such as music, signing, dancing.
  • Seasonal Parties
  • Transportation
  • Food served during events
  • English Learning workshops
  • Special Education Fairs / open house
  • Movie night in different languages

Parent Volunteers

  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Volunteer on the bus
  • Volunteer during breaks / lunch
  • Volunteer in the library
  • Cultural Fair


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But really?

How are special needs and cultural differences addressed in specific school and classroom activities?

Sometimes it is just about getting together for a common goal. When activities take team work it can cross all other communication and cultural barriers.