Jan. 28, 2016

Around the Room. . .









MO PLC Implementation Rubric

Begin analyzing results

Discuss and begin planning

Possible Goals For School

Powerful Learning Conference

Commit to our mission- High Levels of Learning For all

ALL means ALL

Intervention- By student.... By standard

Leadership Team members share. . .

Begin a committee to look at an all-school intervention time schedule

Wohlwend visits

Mission, Vision, Collective Commitment Poster (Stephanie)- Due by next Wednesday

Upcoming Site Visit by Hook Center

* Each team needs to collect Teamwork Tuesday agendas.

Make sure all categories are filled out on agendas.

*Each team needs to collect evidence of common formatives/summatives created as a team.

*Make sure Google sheets are fully completed for each math unit analysis. This includes SMART goal and instructional strategies that were brainstormed/implemented.

*Include other data collection sheets that your grade level may have created and used.

*Make sure your Reading Wall Digital board is updated and current.

**Casey and Jen- Please add to the online math analysis form for each unit:

ESSENTIAL SKILL(S) in this unit include: _____________________________________________________________________________________

*Each grade level (3-5) needs to submit 7-8 student names for possible interviewing by RPDC staff when they visit. Due to me by the end of next week.

Next Meeting

Each leadership team member should bring the past four weeks of completed Teamwork Tuesday agendas and evidence of work focused upon at meetings. The FLIGHT team will review and provide feedback to begin looking at fidelity of the PLC model.