The Hunger Games

By: Suzzane Collins

Before the Games

Katniss and Gale go hunting every day to try to provide enough food for their families. They both are very poor and are depended upon to support their families. Katniss has a mother, and a little sister, Primrose, her father was killed in a minning accident a couple of years before.

The Hunger Games

Two people, a male and a female, from each district must be sent to participate in the Hunger Games. Which is a "game" for all of the rich people that live in the captial. The winning district gets more food for a year. All 24 tributes must fight until the death to see who is the one that deserves food the most.

Once there Katniss and Peeta make a connection and Peeta reveals that he has a secret crush on Katniss. When they got into the ring, many got killed on the first day, and both Katniss and Peeta were still in it. Peeta got hurt very badly and then later found Katniss who helped him heal, and the started to both like each other. As the games went on, the gamemakers said that there could be two winners from the same district. Katniss and Peeta were the last two left in the arena and they won.

Main Characters

After the Hunger Games


When they got out of the Hunger Games, Katniss and Peeta had to go to all of the districts in a huge type of parade. But the capital was mad with them becuase they questioned their authority by letting both of them win. Now the captial doesn't like either of them.