Danial Ross

I'm cool

About me

I'm Danial and my nickname is Danny(my mom call me that)

I was born in Lancaster(Lancaster General Hospital)

My zodiac sign is Scorpio(picture shown below)

My ideal job will be a football player(picture of a football)

I would live in New York because I want to live in a major city

I have black hair,brown skin and medium feet.

My interests/my favorites

My interest:I like football and wrestling at the same time. I also like food and video games such as PS3 and PS4

My favorites: I like rap music,The Avengers movie,Comic Books,and my hero Ant-Man

This is who I am

Present: I am smart and cool at things that I'm better at.

Past: I don't know about reading and learning.

Future: I will be in the military(Navy) or a football player after I got even smarter.

I'm better at learning subjects & beening a teenager than last time(5 years ago).

I want to improve on in the future is to be in the military or be a football player when graduated from high school.

A person is nice and he/she think that I am funny and cool.

Some people think that I was sad and angry. Mean people are wrong about me because I was a smart person.

Strengths Profile

Athletics and sports: Football

Arts and music: Hip-Hop and Rap

School: I learn things from Social Studies

Computers and mechanical things: iPad

Getting along with others: Talking to them about games

My Personal talents: Funny

My most important strength: iPad

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