World Prematurity Day

BY Mary Grace Walsh

Help raise awareness for the millions of babies born prematurely every year!

Every year, approximately 15 million babies are born prematurely every year. One million of those babies die. Just under 3/4 of the million babies that die every year could be saved.

Why should I donate?

Good question! Many of the premature babies that die every year could be saved with current, cost-effective measurements. Simple things like kangaroo care, the idea of keeping the baby warm naturally, like a hen sitting on the eggs, could save one little baby's life.

Just as well, don't you love babies? This is a wonderful reason to donate. Babies are the future of the world. What if one of those little babies that died was kept alive with simple methods? It could become the President of the United States one day.

One last reason: because you can. If you have the money to buy a new phone or to get the newest video game, then you have enough money to help support premature babies.