My Tools

Karmen Hazen

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Why I Choose This

I chose this particular site because for one, it's very easy to navigate. It is listed in categories and in each category, there are many options.
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I also chose this site because it has a food tracker. This food tracker keeps track of things such as calories, fat, sugars, and other important things. Listed above is a picture of the online tools category. To locate the food tracker, you go to the far left and click on the SUPERTRACKER. You may have to make an account in order to use the tracker.
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The tracker itself looks like this. It is easy to use, easy to navigate, and an easy way to know what you've put into your body for that specific day.

When Will I Use It

It's really nice because you can use this site every single day. There are no time limits, there are also no limited days. The entire site is FREE!