Cardinal Library

Newsday Tuesday, May 17, 2016

the last week of school, can you believe it?

We hear this a lot but it truly seems like its true this year.....the school years seem to be going faster and faster. We have been using these last newsletters to say thanks to people that have made the Cardinal Makerspace a success this year. Today we want to turn our attention to the 6th grade teachers, and a great bunch of people they are.

ELA teachers extraordinaire

These three ladies started the year out for us. We have worked on scavenger hunts, non-fiction tours, we have worked together to understand the workings of the library and they have even allowed me to read to them on occasion. Because of all of their hard work, the 6th grade students are well prepared for the 7th grade.

Social studies unit at it's best.

Mrs. Baker jumped into the Makerspace experience with both feet. She and her students were here for a week working on an African mask unit that was a spectacular success. She tells me that she will be back next year with even more ideas. We look forward to working with her.
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A great start to the Middle School experience

Going into middle school can be a rather daunting experience for students but our 6th grade staff makes that transition for students in a professional and caring manner. We are blessed to have such a good staff and it is my pleasure to work with them every day. Next year is destined to be even better.