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April, 2021

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April is Autism Awareness Month. At Exton, we are fortunate to have some AMAZING students that fall along the Autism Spectrum. While some have more intense needs than others, they are all special to us and an integral part of our school community. I'm going out on a limb to say we have the ABSOLUTE, BEST Autistic Support classes ever! Our teachers, Nicole Verbos, Jill Lisowski and Laura Ebert & their staff provide their students with a program that is second to none. They were born to do what they do. Shout it to our specialists, Mary Adolf (OT), Katy LaRosa (Speech/Language), Diane Dinan (PT) and Erika Seaman (Adaptive PE) for the support they provide for our students as well. Our students are blessed to have these ladies working with them. Last, but not least, a special shout out to the parents of our Autistic students. You are doing a phenomenal job! Together, we will continue to Support, Educate, Advocate and Love our students. Thank you for entrusting them to us everyday. Please share the video with your student(s) as time allows.


Just Like You - Autism

YES, YES, YES!!!!!!

We are back to five days a week! Our first full week is next week. Five days and no more remote Wednesdays! Everyone is excited to have the students back. We still miss our Cyber and Remote students.


The state did not afford districts a waiver this year for PSSA testing. Districts may test prior to the end of school or take advantage of an extension to test in September. WCASD has opted to test prior to school being out. Test dates are as follows:

ELA (grades 3-5)- May 25-27

Math (grades 3-5) - June 1-2

Science (4th only) - June 3 & 4

Cyber and Remote students will be able to come to school to take the assessments. To date, we have not received information regarding opting out. Communication will be sent by Dr. Scanlon regarding that. Please, please, please try to avoid scheduling vacations during the testing window.


Registration for our FREE 2021 Elementary Summer Programs will open this evening at 6:00 pm. Please refer to the K-5 Summer Learning webpage to register for the program(s) to participate.

If your family needs before and after child care services, A Child’s Place (ACP) will be at Starkweather Elementary School. Information and an application from ACP is posted on the K-5 Summer Learning website. Families will need to provide transportation to and from before and after child care.

In order to prepare appropriate staffing, registration for all Elementary Summer Programs will close on Monday, April 12 at 6:00 pm. Students will be placed on a waiting list after this date. Elementary families will be notified of student schedules by April 30, 2021.


Dental forms for third grade students need to be submitted for this school year. The exam can be from 8/2019 to present. Physical and dental forms for first grade students should be submitted if they were not submitted last year. If in doubt about the status of your child's documentation, please call Mrs. Stavely at 484-266-1406 or email

Please remember to notify the the school nurse if your child has a positive Covid test or has a direct exposure to a person testing positive for Covid. We greatly appreciate everyone in our community following the safety protocols and keeping each other safe during this time.


Do you STILL need to register your child for school? Please do so sooner than later.

Parents MUST complete registration online first.

Parents can upload documents by scanning them or taking a picture of document and uploading to the registration portal. If parents are unable to do that, parents should email the documents to Terry Spranger ( She can upload the documents in the system if parents are unable to upload them directly online. After completion of information and uploads on the district web site, please email or call Mrs. Spranger to complete your registration virtually. Students must be five years of age before September 1st to enter Kindergarten.

When school resumes, parents will need to provide the hard copy documentation.


Thank you to the parents who attended the Equity Team Parent/Caregiver group last month for our discussion, How to Discuss Racially Charged Incidents with your Child. It was a great, courageous conversation. The article discussed is below. The group is gearing up for the next discussion, which will be Tuesday, April 20, 6:30-7:30pm. The discussion topic is Racial Identity. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP via email to Ali Givey, Be courageous, join the conversation.

As we are all aware, our nation is and has been experiencing racially charged incidents against people of color and of Asian descent. With the trial of Derek Chauvin, we are reliving the death of George Floyd. We are bombarded, daily, with images and news feeds through a variety of media platforms. It is exhausting and yes, traumatizing. While we want to shield children from seeing or hearing the stories, try as we might, sometimes we just can't. As you may be having adult conversations, please be mindful of what children are hearing and internalizing. There may be instances when children repeat what they hear without fully understanding it's impact when they repeat what they've heard. They are watching and listening.


Everyone has somewhere to be or get to. In the morning it's to the office or back home to work. In the afternoon, it's back home, to an appointment or maybe some after school activity. Yes, leaving out of here is a hassle. Lots of cars, long lines and buses.

We've received a number of calls from neighborhood residents about cars cutting through and speeding through the side streets, particularly in the afternoon, to avoid the wait in traffic on Bartlett. I can't tell you which way to go when you leave, but I did let residents know that I would pass their concerns/reports along. Please be considerate of the residents. More importantly, be safe.