Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Miren P.

Fun Fact

Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard the Great Depresion ,The New Deal and, world war 2.many people think he was the greatest president in our nation. Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability.FDR was a amzing leader

Early Life

Roosevelt did a lot of thoughtful things in his early life.He grew up in Hyde Park New York in 1882.FDR grew up in a big house with lots of land and was wealthy.He was the only child in his family. However FDR went to boarding school when he was 14.he stared a camp for boys parents who didn't have money to pay for camp.Roosevelt help others as a young man.

This is a picture of Roosevelt when he was 12 with his mother.

Personal Challenges

FDR was a responsible working man.In 1921 Roosevelt got polio and was unable to walk. He went to warm springs GA for treatment for his polio.Roosevelt even had a house there he named it Little White House.No one new he couldn't walk after age 39.However he had a lot of diligence to get throw hard times.

This is his house he built in warm spring,GA


FDR led the country throw tough times. He served for four terms as president from 1933 to 19945.Roosevelt forums saying is The only thing to fear is fear itself. Just before the world war 2 ended Mr Roosevelt died.He didn't let is disabilities prevent him from achieving his goals.Nothing stoped him Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a American Hero.

This is Roosevelt funeral after he died


Information from:American Hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt by:Nathan Asher Katzin