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Dichotomous key

Here is my dichotomous key can u solve it

Geo tropism

The plants response to the force of gravity

Negative:plant growing up ward

Positive: downward plant growing Down

Hydro tropism

Hydro tropism is a plants response to water

Neagitive: plants roots grow away from water

Positive: grows towards the water


Turning or bending of a plant

Positive:growing firm stricter like a wall

Negative:not growing firm structures

Turgor pressure root weadging geo tropeism

Turgor pressure is pressure excreted by water

Ex:water making a wall loose it's color with the water

Root wedging is when the roots shrink caused by weathering

Ex:it rained really hard many plants washed away

Geotropism: plants response to gravity

Ex:a plant growing upward

3 Additional info

There are actually four types of tropisim

Tropisim are plants responses to things

And hydro tropism is the most well know form of tropism