Lord of the Flies

Josh Millbauer

Jack and Ralphs form of Government.

Ralph's Government

Ralph's government is a Republic. This is because he was elected leader by the others over Jack in the beginning of the story by his group, and part of Jacks own group. Only Ralph can make laws and decide if something is too dangerous or what the boundaries are. Also in Ralph's tribe, if something needs to be decided on, there is a vote.

Jack's Government

Jack's government is a monarchy. This is because all decisions are made by Jack for his tribe. He has the only say in any situation that involves his group. He tells everyone what they will do and if they do not do it they get punished. Also, not a single thing is voted on. In Jack's tribe you must hunt and kill things.

"We don't need the conch, we all know how to speak". Jack says this when someone tries to use the conch to speak. This shows that Jack only does things his way and doesn't want to hear what the others have to say.
"Seems we might have a chief to decide things". This is said because Ralph's tribe had voted for him to be the chief. This shows that Ralph lets his group decide things as well as himself.

My Own Government

For my own island society, my type of government would be a republic. I chose this because I want my people to be able to vote on the things that they do, and not be forced into them. I would also choose a republic so that I had most control but my people can still be important too.

I would enforce these rules by having a good government, and military and police force. I would be the president and have a house and everything that a good government has to keep my society going strong.

In Country Fighting


The Vietnam war was a war between Northern and Southern Vietnam. This war extremely impacted the population. There were anywhere from 800,000 to 3.1 million Vietnamese casualties. Many of Vietnam's farms and jungles were destroyed during this time due to napalm attacks and ground fights. It affected the government by bringing the two half's back together even though it still resulted in communism and that's what the war was fought over.

Jacks tribe has broken off and now has attacked Ralph's. He has become out of control and is completely a savage. In the end when their rescue comes, the groups come back together like nothing ever happened.