medical record become eletronic

documents of heath care on the computer? that sounds like a bad idea. according to it is easier to share the patient's history and information with other health care providers. it's easy to find out if a patient is due for a appointment. honestly i think it is a bad idea that you put everything on the computer because it makes it easier to hack the information from the computer and steal a person's information. having all health care records on the computer can end up being no health care records at all. what if the system at the hospital crashes or your local health care provider? your medical records will be lost. if you keep them on paper and have them filed then you could most likely have all of your health care records. on the website health care it a local hospital had its patient files accessed by a person some where that sent a employee a email that had malware attached to it so the medical records of over 90,000 peoples medical information was assessed. the equipment for the medical documents to become electronic is exceeding over 1 billion dollars. the us does not have the money for this type of stuff. it seems to be safe to use paper documents than electronic because it can't be accessed as easy as electronic documents.