UPE News Update

May 23-26

You are cordially invited to our annual UPES Volunteer Breakfast on Tuesday, May 24, from 7 to 8 AM in the UPES Gym.

****** We Have A Few Remaining Yearbooks! $20 each. ******

Mr. Briggs-Hale’s Class Notes:

Mr. Briggs-Hale’s Class Notes

Thank you all for an amazing and beautiful year of learning together! Have a glorious summer!

A few MORE UPES Accomplishments To Celebrate (continued from last week)!

Second Step:

- UPES piloted the celebrated Second Step classroom guidance counseling programming across the school.

TEAMS (Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Science):

- Lots of CKLA Connections projects

- 3rd grade animal project with green screen

- Kindergarten three little pigs green screen

- 1st grade diseases and viruses with the green screen, as well as religious symbol project with pages

- 2nd grade 3d train for westward expansion, as well as Pages Greek Gods project (see examples on website: mountainlab.weebly.com

- 4th grade hip hop garage band medieval project, and 3d castles

- 5th grade Mayan, Incan, and Aztec temples

- 6th grade (not CKLA) connections with TS Spivet and "A hero's journey" by writing their own books in TEAMS, as well as studying constellations, and creating 3d chess pieces Digital citizenship! There have been a lot of improvements in the implementation of my digital citizenship curriculum, and I have been seeing tremendous growth in understanding of how to be safe online, and how to use the vast technological tools we have from every grade level Typing - all grades have been doing a rigorous typing curriculum this school year, with 4th 5th and 6th setting their own typing goals


- Successful concerts - students singing in different languages, 2 and 3 part harmony, and great learning with recorders!

- This school year, I have seen a lot of growth in music literacy in all grades - kindergarten is learning the basics of understanding reading rhythms, and 5th and 6th grade are sight reading music from the get-go, and everything in between!

- Kids have been showing me that they truly understand what it means to truly sing, perform instruments, and understand music

In Harmony Concert:

- This choir is perhaps the most musically talented and driven group of kids I have ever taught. They are taking the Mustangs Sing! Choir VERY seriously, and we are performing chorale music at a very high level.

- We are singing Singabahambayo (A Swahili song) and What a Wonderful World, both in two-part harmony on our own as a choir! With all other schools, we will sing God Bless America and Happy.

6th Grade Band:

- This 6th grade band ensemble program for the Mountain Academy of Arts and Sciences is a comprehensive band program designed to provide 6th graders with musical opportunities required for 6 th grade level band in an innovative way.

- This band program will align with the same curriculum that is used at Manitou Springs Middle School so they are on the same level (or higher) as their peers at MSMS, and allow students to go even further with individual instruction.

- This musical ensemble will foster growth from each individual student through ensemble performances/classes, as well as private instruction on their respective instruments from the band instructor during school hours, as a part of the 6th grade MAAS curriculum.


Fourth and Fifth Grade study financial literacy and spend a day in Denver learning how to run a town.

Join the Scouts!

Hello Scouters,
Pack 33 would like to invite all kindergarten through 4th grade boys to come to our end of school year events. Come out to see what our pack is all about and join in the adventure.
We have a Pack meeting on Monday, May 23 at 6 pm at the Church in the Wildwood in Green Mountain Falls. We are also having our Bike Rodeo and Popcycle Party on Saturday, May 28 from 9-11 am at the Ute Pass Elem. playground and field.Everyone is welcome. Scouting is a family event so please bring your siblings.

Please contact Cub-master Dooley at 719-322-4880 or email at dooleyjonathan@gmail.com for more information.


Weekly Activity Report

Mon., May 23
8:15am 6th to the Manitou Pool
11:00am-1:30pm 4th grade class picnic in Green Mountain Falls

Tues., May 24:
7:00am Volunteer Breakfast

Wed., May 25:
8:30-10:30am Beach Party
12:40pm All School Movies

Thur., May 26:
8:30am 5th Grade Graduation
10:30-11:00am All school slide show
11:00-11:20am Yearbook/Autograph signing
11:30am Student dismissed for the summer

This and That...

** The office will be open full-time through Tuesday, June 7. The remaining summer schedule is:
Tuesday, June 21 8:00am-12:00pm
Tuesday, June 28 8:00am-12:00pm
Tuesday, July 5 8:00am-3:00pm
Tuesday, July 12 8:00am-3:00pm
Tuesday, July 19 8:00am-3:00pm

** If your child has medication at school, please come by the office the last day of school. Any medication left at school will be disposed of during the summer.

** The last day of school is Thursday, May 26. It is a 11:30am dismissal and all buses, will run regular routes, including those to Manitou. We have many fun events planned for that week!
  • Volunteer Breakfast Tuesday, May 24, 7:00am-8:00am
  • Beach Party Wednesday, May 25 in the morning
  • 5th Grade Graduation Thursday, May 26 8:30-10:00am
  • All School Slide Show Thursday, May 26 10:30-11:00am
  • Yearbook/Autograph Thursday, May 26 11:00-11:20am
  • Students Dismissed Thursday, May 26 11:30am

Camp Opportunities for Students

Recycle Those Old Crayons at UPE!

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