Albrecht Durer

Leonardo of the North

All about Albrecht Durer and his works!

Early life- Dürer was born on 21 May 1471. His father was a successful goldsmith who in 1455 had moved to Nuremberg from Ajtos, near Gyula in Hungary. Albrecht would always help his father and would later on become a goldsmith and more of his own.

Because Dürer left autobiographical writings and became very famous by his mid-twenties, his life is well documented by several sources. After a few years of school, Dürer started to learn the basics of goldsmithing and drawing from his father. Though his father wanted him to continue his training as a goldsmith, he showed such a precocious talent in drawing that he started as an apprentice to Micheal Wolgemut at the age of fifteen in 1486.

Some of his works!

Praying Hands

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Feast of the roast garlands

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Adoration of trinity

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Dürer died in Nuremberg at the age of 56, leaving an estate valued at 6,874 florins—a considerable sum. His large house (purchased in 1509 from the heirs of the astronomer (Bernhard Walther), where his workshop was located and where his widow lived until her death in 1539, remains a prominent Nuremberg landmark. It is now a museum. He is buried in the Johannisfriedhof cemetery.