Spending time with my dog

Cody Brown

I was going to Alabama to visit one of my favorite dogs and spend a week there. The day after I got there my aunts and I went fishing for some catfish to eat. When we got home we put the fish over the grill.We waited for 30 min, after it was done cooking we put some seasonings then we ate it and man that catfish was good I had 3 servings and that's a lot from me because I don't really like fish that much.Then after I ate I played with my dog his name is Brady. He's a pit bull mix he's not a bad like some pit bulls he's nice and sweet . He will actually will do things for you, he'll get you the newspaper for you, he'll go get you a ton of things for you, he'll help you when you not feeling when at all. He'll do anything for you just to make you play with him. The games he likes to play are tug-a-war,running around, taking a jog with you. He'll take a walk with you without a leash and not run off he's a well trained dog. I went to the beach with my aunts and Brady we had a good time we played in the water and sand. We spent 30 min in the water then after that we played with Brady in the sand.After that we went to Chille's it was so different inside then the one down here. Then we went home to get ready for bed. I loved the time that I had with my dog and aunts we had so much fun when I was there.
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