January ELA Update

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ELA Textbook Adoption - It Starts Now

This has been a slow going process, but we now have a list of approved materials from the Sate Board of Education. Each school will have a committee member work to narrow the field of options down to two selections. We will be adopting materials based on the Textbook Selection Procedure per School Board Policy.

Remember, in order to vote you must attend a textbook presentation once the field has been narrowed down to two options. We plan for those meetings to take place in late February and early March. Updates will be sent out via email and this newsletter. Committee Members will be notified the first week of January of the upcoming plan.

There will be multiple in person and virtual options for all teachers to attend. I highly encourage all ELA teachers to attend and learn what the new curriculum options have to offer. If you do not view a presentation, you will not receive a ballot to vote. We should have all the voting wrapped up by Spring Break.

Finally, materials will begin showing up in your buildings starting this week or the next. Please make sure those are kept in an easy to access location.

What is the Science of Reading?

Have you heard of LETRS, but unsure what it stands for? Are you hearing more and more about the Science of Reading, but need some clarification? This quick article by Dr. Louisa Moats is a great place to start.

Why Every Educator Needs to Understand the "Science of Reading"

MPS will begin another LETRS cohort in May 2022. Information will be sent out in April and 60-80 teachers will be selected to attend. We hope that all elementary teachers will go through this training over the next few years.

You are welcome to join the State of Oklahoma's LETRS trainings, but you can also wait and join us in May!

To learn more, check out The Reading League!

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Phonics and Spelling with Phoneme Grapheme Mapping - Part 1

Tuesday, Jan. 11th, 4:30pm

500 North Norman Avenue

Moore, OK

How to teach spelling/phonics/word study with the “Science of Reading”. This training goes in depth on how you can take your instruction to the next level to reach all learners. All attendees will receive their own copy of the book. For more information visit this link.

This is geared for grades K-6, regular and special education.

This is a two part series. The 2nd part will take place on January 25th.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness

Wednesday, Jan. 26th, 4:15pm

This is an online event.

This will be the final Heggerty training of the school year. Please join our zoom to learn how to incorporate Heggerty Phonemic Awareness into your day. All participants who do not have a Heggerty book will receive one after the training. Books will be sent in school mail the following day.

Who should attend? Any Pre K - 3rd grade teacher who teaches ELA. Special Education teachers, you especially don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Podcast of the Month

Need something new to listen to? Try Sharon Says So, by Sharon McMahon. Sharon is a great storyteller that bring history to life, and is just really fun to listen to. Sharon is also a former government and law teacher, so she is one of us :)

Find Sharon here

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