Staff Weekly

Published October 6, 2019

Pep Rally and Reverse Delay Schedule for Thursday

1st period: Go to 2nd period class--no Tutorial today

2nd period: Go 3rd period class

3rd period: Go to SEL

4th period: Go to 5th period class

5th period: Go to 6th period class

6th period: Go to 7th period class AND have lunch with 7th period class

7th period: Go to 8th period class

8th period: Go to Homeroom, take attendance, go to the gym

This Week's Meetings

Monday: Faculty Circle at 2:45pm in media center (focus is resiliency poll), Sped Team Meeting at 3pm in media center (see agenda)

Wednesday: Parent Teacher Conferences from 4-7 (clock out, in, out)

Thursday: Math Team Meeting (do you want to reschedule due to 4 day weekend?)

Staff Theoretical Spirit Week Preview (THIS WEEK--October 7-10)

Another twist on a spirit week is on tap for this week.

Monday: Theoretically, if you were hosting a Superbowl party, what would you wear today?

Tuesday: Theoretically, if you were going to be in a 4th of July parade on a float, what would you wear?

Wednesday: Theoretically, if you were going to a Christmas party tonight, what would you wear?

Thursday: Theoretically, if it was St. Patrick's Day today, what would you wear?

End of Quarter

The quarter ends on October 16th.

2nd quarter begins on October 17th.

Grades must be in IC by October 23rd. Progress reports will be run and mailed home on October 24th.