Where should you live?

By: Aubrie Kappes

Come to New York!

New York!

Have you ever questioned where you should live? Asked yourself what is actually good there? Well in New York there is SOO many things that are good. You should move to New York because of the settlement, the way James shared, the land, and the diversity.


Dutch founded the land for fur and trade, naming it New Netherlands. This means it is easier to get fur here, and if you can get fur it is good to trade here, so it is a win-win situation!

In 1664 England took over the New Netherlands and started a colony. Years after the colony started England renamed the land New York after James the Duke of York who was the new landowner.


James gave lots of his colony to his friends Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley. A colony is a country fully in charge or partially in charge of a different country. Normally long distance. After James gave his friends some of his colony George and John went on and made a colony themselves, right next to New York. This colony was called New Jersey.

You know that James is a kind person because he gave most of his OWN colony to his friends. If he was not nice or kind he would NOT have shared. So you know that the place you would live had a good leader!


A different reason why New York would be a great place to live is because of the land. Because of how the land is it is perfect for farming, and livestock. There are trees around so lumbering is also a big thing. Lastly they were somewhat close to water so they fished, and built ships. If you could do any of this stuff you could get a great job there.


There was a lot of people who came to live in New York. Most of the people who were there already were living there before the settlement so they just stayed. Some examples of the people living in New York are Dutch, Belgian Flemings, Walloons, French Huguenots, Scandinavians, and Germans. This shows that the New York settlement was very diverse and they accepted anyone to come.

13 Colonies

One last reason why you should move to New York is because out of the 13 colonies New York was the 10th. It would be a good place to move because they probably would have better things since they are near the end of the colonies. They could have heard about other things other settlers did to get better things and started then.


If you can farm, fish, build ships, or cut down trees this is a perfect place for you! And it is a pretty place with great land! This is why you should come here to New York!

Don't go to Rhode Island!

Intro to Rhode Island

Does your dream place to live have super cold winters? Did it start slavery? I bet not! Do not go to Rhode Island because the leader was not good, the land is bad, and the diversity of people and religion is not good either.


New York is great but DON’T go to Rhode Island! A minister, Roger Williams, decided to preach a religion in Massachusetts that the Puritans didn’t like. The Puritans was a group of English people in the 16th and 17th century who tried to take out any Roman Catholic practices from their churches. After the Puritans kicked Roger Williams out of the town for preaching Roger got mad. Saying their way of preaching was “forced worship” and that this “stinks in God’s nostrils.” I mean I understand that he was trying to get different religions in Massachusetts but obviously they didn’t want different religions so WHY did he try?!


The land was also pretty bad. When Williams left Massachusetts he walked South with his family in the winter. It was so cold and they didn’t know what to do. The Indians had to take care of them and teach them things until the spring. Once Roger got to be friends with the Indians he bought some land from them and made a colony. But every winter it was cold so all of the crops would most likely die. Also they lived by the water, which made it easier for pirates and smugglers to hide in it before taking their prize.

The People

A different problem was the people. William said that he allowed different religions to come and live in his colony, but Africans did not have the same freedom as everyone else. Which makes absolutely no sense, by any means. Africans were NOT free they were slaves. All of this caused Rhode Island to be the BIGGEST slave trade center in the WORLD. That is HORRIBLE!


This place is not a good place to live, and I would NOT recommend it! From the land to the people, it just isn’t a great place to live.

Don't go to Massachusetts!


Massachusetts had NO leader, their land was bad and it was hard to get food in the winter, they were not prepared, and lastly they weren't very diverse. New York is so much better!


Once again you should go to New York because it is amazing but DON’T go to Massachusetts. Massachusetts had no leader, it was just the pilgrims who found the land who governed themselves. A pilgrim is a person who travels to a place for religious reasons. What would happen if something went wrong and nobody knew what to do? They wouldn’t do anything, because there is no leader to tell them. And what would happen if the people didn’t agree on the same laws? Who would make that last choice?

Food and Land

The next problem was food and land. Their summers may have been fine but in the winter it got cold. All of their crops and plants would have died. Also they fish, which would be a problem because most of the fish probably moved to a different lake or river in the winter. And they couldn’t trap animals because they are either in hibernation or moved somewhere else in the winter. So now what are they going to eat?


A different bad thing about Massachusetts was the diversity. There was 102 separatists that aboard the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth. A separatist is a person who is with separation of a certain large group mainly with ethnicity, religion, or gender. But they never said that Massachusetts was diverse by any means. New York was diverse, it had many different people there. So what would happen if people came to Massachusetts from New York with their diverse culture to share? Would they welcome them or tell them to leave?


One final thing that is wrong with Massachusetts is that they had no clue of what to do when they first discovered the land. At least people in New York knew how to plant crops. The people in Massachusetts on the other hand needed the American Indians to teach them how to plant crops, fish, and capture animals. The American Indians also saved the pilgrims from dying in the winter because it was so cold. Obviously they weren’t prepared.


So once again you can tell that you should not go to Massachusetts. They had no leader, had no clue how to hunt, had no clue how to live, and how little diversity there was. So as long as you enjoy all of those things then this is a place for you, but I would guess it’s not!

Final Thoughts

It is crystal clear that New York is the place for you. There is great land, fishing, boat building, cutting down trees, and more. There are so many different things to do in New York and would be a perfect place for you. So come join us in New York! I hope to see YOU soon!