About 4H

What's 4H?

In general 4H is a club. The people who wanted to make 4H wanted to help kids have fun and be creative with there life's instead of being couped up all day on there phones and laptops.
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Is 4H only for country kids?

No 4H is your all ages, were ever they live-on farms, in suburbs, in city's, and towns.


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Fun facts!

1. You don't have to pay to be in 4H, and 4H is all around the world.

2. 4H is not only for country kids,its for all people.

3. The 4Hs stand for hands, heart, health, and head.

4. 4H slogan-learn by doing. 4H motto-to make the best better.

What's the mission of 4H?

The mission of 4H is to enable youth to develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills they need to become competed, caring, and contributing citizens of the world.

(4-H Youth Developing and Mentoring Programs)


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