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May 2015

Bring it on!!

I know for many of us May is a busy and stressful month. If at all possible, don't let that stop you from growing your doTERRA business. Set aside at least one or two dates and schedule classes. Make time to do follow up phone calls and get samples out. Take advantage of my class schedule and get your prospects to one of my classes. doTERRA is giving us a great incentive with the 50pv in FREE product promo, so take advantage of it! Make a contact list and reconnect with those who've come to past classes or you've given samples to. That free 50pv can make a difference in getting a fence sitter to enroll! Every time you call, assume the enrollment. In other words, don't ask; you give them permission to say no. Say something like, "Jane, I am calling to check in with you about your interest in doTERRA wholesale membership. We are offering 50 FREE product credits for every enrollment with a membership kit! That's $50 FREE! Let's get you enrolled while we have this fantastic offer!" For your new prospects, just let them know that there is a fantastic promotion going on this month that they won't want to miss out on so this is the perfect month to attend a class and learn all about it. If you don't have a prospect list, start on it. If you do, then work thru it, adding more as you think of others, or meet people. Have your samples ready.

There are a few changes to enrolling this month. I am posting a statement from Blue Diamond Jen Oldham as I agree with it and had already planned to continue asking for the social security number. When our prospects understand it is the US Gov't requiring it, not doTERRA due to the nature of the account and the ability to earn an income, most are fine with it. When you are proficient in explaining, they'll understand as they have done it already for places like Sam's Club or Costco. I have only 1 preferred member and that was when I first started and did not understand how to explain the need for SS#. Here is Jen's statement:

"Many of you are aware that on May 1st, the SSN will not be required to complete a Wellness Advocate Account. I want to be clear. Keep your current process the same. A SSN is still required anytime an income is involved. Still ask for the SSN. If they ask if it is required, you should still say, “Yes. A social security number is required by law when you have the ability to earn an income.” The prospect of abuse on this new policy is very high. If the program gets abused, the option will most likely be removed. It functions on the premise that companies do not need to report earnings under $400 per year. This is only a loop hole and it is primarily established for children who babysit and individuals who pay someone for odd jobs, so that you don’t need to report incomes if you’ve hired a babysitter or had the neighbor come in and repair a wall in your home. The recipient of any income is still required to report their earnings regardless of the amount. The second area that SSN helps you is that it prevents the entry of dual accounts into the system. The prospect of cross-recruiting and it not being as easily detected is increased when SSN are not entered. I can promise you that if we abuse this option, we will no longer have the backup plan of entering an account without an SSN. Please respect the new policy. The company is putting a huge degree of faith in us that doTERRA Wellness Advocates function on a high degree of personal integrity.
The second change is that the benefit of a Preferred Member account has been neutralized. It will be a $25 fee instead of a $10 fee for a 20% savings. Compare that to 25% savings, free membership with a kit, personal website to manage your orders, potential for cash back, points for shipping and free product credits and the SSN not being totally required and now you have a proposition where the PM account shouldn’t really be a consideration unless you are strategically using the account for a retailer."

May can be a very successful month if you give your business the time! Let me know if I can assist you in any way. We can set some goals and give you daily/weekly tasks to keep you focused! Let's make this the month you reach for the stars and catch one!


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Walk People Through 3 Doors with 3 Invitations that Lead to 3 Presentations
I posted this really helpful 6 min video in our FB builder group. If you haven't taken the time to watch it, please do. It gives you very practical ways to share doTERRA. Learn to invite, teach and enroll in a way that will help you confidently grow your business.

May Class Schedule

I will be holding a few Intro to Essential Oil Classes in May. You are welcome to bring prospects. Please register in the event section of the FB group or at the eventbrite listing. I will cancel classes 24 hours in advance if there are no RSVP's.

May 11th 6:45 pm

May 14th 10:30am

May 21st 6:45pm

Click HERE for my eventbrite profile and to register.

Monday May 18th, 7pm "I have what?"

Our local teams will also begin a monthly class for new wellness advocates called "I have oils, what?" This is a great class to invite your new enrollee's to so they can learn more about their oils. We will hold them the third Monday of each month and we hope to have them consistently at the Kingwood Library. The first class will be May 18th at my home. CLICK HERE for information. Seating will be limited this month so send only new WA's please. We hope to live stream it. RSVP's encouraged and great appreciated so we have seats for everyone.

April Recognition!

April Top Enrollers:

Kim Rogers ~ 5

Jennifer Hankins ~ 4

Julie Gonzales, Kitty Pursley, Amy and Jim Miller, Lorena Martinez, Lindsey Gunsauls and Bree Wilder ~ 3

11 WA's had 2 enrollments

32 WA's enrolled 1!

Great job team!!!

Rank Advancements:

ELITE (3000ov)

Carol Maxcey

Rosemary Noe

Executive (2000ov)

Nancy Hankins

10 New Directors and 11 New Managers

Way to go Team! We are growing. It is exciting to see how many more families are experiencing the healing potential of our oils! Take advantage of the May promotion and have classes and make contacts. 50 reward credits is too good of a gift to keep to yourself!

Still time to attend one of the Educational Summits. This is like a mini convention, so make every effort to go!!
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about essential choices

Team essential choices is a group of people who desire to share their knowledge of

essential oils and health and wellness products. We aim to empower families to take control of their health care in many ways, including the use of doTERRA's natural products. We aim to encourage one another and help others along their path to natural wellness. Let's all make essential choices, for the body, mind and soul.