Nixa Early Childhood

Fall 20-21 Plan

Nixa Early Childhood Safety Plan specific to Early Childhood

Nixa has taken steps to prepare for the health, wellness, and safety for students and staff in the 2020-21 school year. Our plans will be a living document and will be updated with new information as it becomes available. The most up-to-date guidelines and protocols will always be at and will also be communicated at the building level. Decisions will be made in coordination with local, state, and federal guidelines. Our goal is to start school with a full week schedule. However, as we move through the various Levels in the plan (Level 1, Level 2, & Level 3), our daily and weekly schedules may have to be altered as more information becomes available to the district.

Stay Up To Date with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information


At a minimum students will use hand washing upon arrival into classrooms, before and after recesses, and before and after meals. In between this, hand sanitizer will also be utilized. Staff will focus heavily on teaching handwashing and other important hygiene strategies.

What does learning look like in the classroom

Students and staff will be observed for illness prior to starting class or the school day. Those experiencing symptoms will be referred to the nurse.

Multiple social distancing strategies will be implemented based on the feasibility of the unique space and needs of each classroom.

Students will have a core set of supplies which will be just theirs, but at times they will be sharing supplies such as toys and classroom materials. When feasible supplies will be sanitized between students. The entire classroom will be sanitized between morning and afternoon sessions.

Personal water bottles will be encouraged as drinking fountains will have limited availability. (Please no sippy cups)

PK staff will follow the district masking guidelines and will be wearing masks anytime they are unable to socially distance with students. This will allow staff to be able to comfort, and assist students when needed.

Teachers will find ways for students to socialize with each other in an appropriate way so that we address both the health and social/emotional needs of students. We are a play-based program, and knowing 3 and 4-year-olds are social by nature and social distancing will not always occur. We are working on plans to keep specific groups of students consistently using the same areas to decrease the number of contacts during a day.

PK students will stay with a core group of students comprised of no more than 3 classrooms when at lunch, recess or shared spaces unless students are socially distancing.

Meals will be eaten in classrooms or in cafeterias at reduced capacities.


  • Students will be monitored for social distancing while on playgrounds while still allowing interactions with each other.
  • Handwashing/sanitizer will be available upon re-entry to the building.

Class Size

The largest class size at ELC will vary between 10-18 students. The class size at ECC will not be larger than 12.


  • Regular cleaning will occur with COVID and EPA approved products. The cleaning and disinfecting will target frequently touched hard, non-porous surfaces, such as counters, tabletops, stair rails, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, drinking fountains, and any other surfaces that are visibly necessary.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in every classroom and at most exterior doors.
  • Students and families will be provided with best practices for hygiene during the school day and upon arriving at home.
  • The district will use additional equipment and cleaning procedures across the district. These include the UVC light machine and fogging machines (uses HOCI from Pure and Clean).
  • Each classroom and shared space will be sanitized in between the morning and afternoon sessions using HOCI from Pure and Clean. Each classroom will have district approved cleaner the staff will be using during the session to sanitize tables and materials.
  • Each classroom and shared space will also be cleaned by Sodexo, our custodial partner.


Nonessential visitors will be limited

  • Masks are required by all visitors.
  • Pick up / Drop off will occur through carline unless dropping off for Eagle Care. (Eagle Care will be sending out their procedures.)
  • Carline will be used on the first day of school. Families will not be allowed to gather in front of the building.
  • No lunch guests or volunteers
  • Screening procedures will be used for those entering buildings, which can include temperature screenings.
  • When possible we will utilize parent phone calls or digital conferences.
  • Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Visitors can first contact the school/office to determine whether an onsite visit is necessary.
  • Visitors should check in at the front office behind the secure glass window.
  • Preschool students are encouraged to wear masks, but it is not required at this age.
  • All kindergarten-aged children or older and all adults entering the building are required to wear masks.
  • If entrance is determined as essential, a designated space for meeting with visitor(s) will be determined for the facility.

PIck Up / Drop Off

Students should not be dropped off earlier than necessary before their scheduled start time unless they are attending Eagle Care. There will be no in-person parent pick-up at the front of the schools to avoid parent gatherings in the school lobby or in front of the school. Parents will be asked to use the carline. For late drop-offs/ early pickups parents will be required to wear a mask to enter the office area. A staff member will take students to class or bring them out. Students waiting for the carline will be socially distant.

Health Services

  • Parents, students and staff are expected to self-screen at home prior to students entering the building.
  • Students or staff demonstrating symptoms will be referred to physician or virtual clinic. Prior to returning to school, consult school nurse or provide documentation from physician
  • Procedures on how many days students must be quarantined will follow best practices (ex: CDC, MSBA, etc) and the guidance of our local health department.
  • Nurse Teresa the district head Nurse is on-site and will be working with our PK students.

District Action Plan if Confirmed Case

  • The district will follow the direction of the Christian County Health Department and communicate with the public based on CCHD’s recommendations and guidelines on who can be notified based on direct contact with others and facility exposure.
  • For all COVID-19 exposure notifications, the district will only notify those who are deemed necessary to be notified by our local health department. We will not do district-wide notifications for positive or presumptive positive cases unless a child or staff member needs to be notified of the potential exposure to that positive case. The only exception to this procedure would be in the case of a community or school-wide event where contact tracing could not happen. The district has a legal obligation not to violate HIPPA guidelines and rules, and will follow those rules and the guidance of our health department in all notifications.
  • Address possible student/adult exclusions using best practices: DHSS Exclusion Recommendations & DESE Procedures.
  • Address the infected space using proven practices (UVC Light Machine and HOCL Foggers) for designated time.
  • Perform targeted cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched hard, non-porous surfaces, such as counters, appliance surfaces, tabletops, doorknobs, bathroom fixtures, toilets, drinking fountains, phones, technology, and any other surfaces that are visibly necessary.
  • Inspect areas to determine readiness for re-entry into building and/or classroom or offices.
  • Consult with CCHD prior to re-entry.
  • District may use a schedule that does not have students coming every day of the week.

Future Plans

In order to better inform parents, students, and staff of the current situation of the district and how best to prepare for situations, the district will use three levels so that everyone can plan and prepare for what to expect. Please note that the district could move quickly to Level 3 with little to no notice depending on the situation. When the level occurs, more information will be sent to families at the building level.

Level 1: (Green Level)

  • School activities will be as normal as possible
  • Social distancing will be used when possible
  • Masks required based on district procedures developed from CDC and health department
  • Visitors to buildings will be restricted
  • Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available and frequently encouraged

Level 2: (Yellow Level)

  • Classes may take place online for one or more days due to rapid increase in number of local cases of COVID
  • Restrictions on school activities may be in place
  • Capacity and attendance limits may be established for events or school activities
  • Masks required (district procedures developed from CDC and health department)
  • No visitors in buildings (includes parents)
  • Hand washing/hand sanitizer will be available and frequently encouraged

Level 3: (Red Level)

All classes are online and will follow the district’s Emergency Alternative Methods of Instruction plan

  • Classwork done independently
  • School buildings will be closed to students. Staff will still work from school to administer online classes.
  • Health screenings will occur prior to entering buildings. Social distancing will be mandatory.
  • All activities will be canceled or rescheduled
  • Re-entry plan will be determined for safe return to school

Virtual Option If We Reach The Red Level

Virtual for Tuition, Title, and Role model program will only be available if the building or district were to reach the red level. In the spring when we went virtual we were adjusting to a situation we had never before experienced. The educational time commitment was fairly minimal and was free of charge for tuition families. We are still in the process of planning, but If we were to go to an online-only situation this fall would see a similar style of lesson/activity ideas for families, but an increased degree of engagement opportunities and staff interaction. If we reach this level, more communication regarding if tuition would still be required to access the online materials would be communicated to families.

Registration Information

New and returning families will need to register with the district starting on August 3rd. Be looking for an e-mail from Kelly Tiffin, the EC office manager with more information.

Orientation / Meet the Teacher

We will be having an orientation/meet the teacher event. We are still working on the details and will send out more information once we have it.


If you choose to withdraw for the fall semester, you need to notify the office via email. We are unable to hold placement if you choose to withdraw. The interest list for the 21-22 school year will open on January 15, 2021, at 9:00 am.