Public Displays of Affection Norms

Appropriate & Acceptable Workplace Behaviors

Why are Workplace Behaviors Important?

The Board of Education believes school is preparation for the world of work. This involves learning appropriate and acceptable behavior in the work place. Every work place has specific requirements about how employees should behave which includes displays of affection. The following are examples of inappropriate displays of affection at school:

  • kissing
  • lap sitting
  • walking with arms around waist/shoulders
  • caressing
  • tickling/pinching/touching stomach area
  • holding hands during hallway transitions (6th - 8th Grades)

Students will be expected to interact appropriately in school in terms of public displays of affection and not interfere with the learning process, or jeopardize the health and safety of fellow students.Public Display of Affection guidelines are ineffect in the busing areas coming to and leaving campus.

Types of Public Display of Affection and Consequences

One-Liner - hand holding (6th - 8th Grade), extended hugging, lap sitting

Minor Incident - laying/lap sitting, repeat offenders (This is an office notification)

Major Incident - kissing, groping, fondling, grabbing/slapping (This is an office referral)

Public Display of Affection One-Liner

When a Level 1 infraction of PDA occurs, staff and students will use a one-liner reminder, "Catch and Release."

How should a person react when someone says, "Catch and Release?" Since it's a low level reminder with no consequence attached, just say "okay" or "thank you" and move on with whatever you were doing at the time. There's no need to argue or get defensive. Keep Calm and Move On....

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