Kash Weekly

April 18

NBA Playoffs Bucks vs Bulls

It was April 18 and the Milwaukee Bucks played their first playoff game since 2011. They played the Chicago Bulls in Chicago.

They were set for tip off and when they started the game was very even and then at the end of the 3 quarter. At this point the Bulls started pulling away and the Bulls won. Derek Rose ended with 23 points and it was his first 20 point playoff game since 2012. It was a tough fought game and the ESPN announcers think that it is going to be a good series of 7 games.

The Warriors played the Pelicans and won. The Hawks played the Nets. The Rockets played the Mavericks. The Cavilers played the Celtics. The Clippers played the Spurs. The Trail Blazers played the Grizzlies. The Raptors played the Wizards.

The Kemppainen's Spring Break

Ryan and his family went on spring break on March 28. They went to Punta Cana to have fun. He went with his cousin and another family. They had 2 flights on the way there and 2 on the way back.

They went scuba diving. "The water was so clear!" Ryan's mom said. They said that there were so many different types of fish and they got to hold fish food so the fish would be right next to them.

They hung out on the beach and had fun in the ocean. The waves were big so he boogie-boarded. They had a lot of fun and got sunburn. In the end Ryan got an ear infection and went to his normal life again.

The Brewers Season Opener

It was April 6 and the Brewers were playing their first game of the 2015 season. The game was at Miller Park against the Rockies. The first inning looked promising but then the Rockies jacked a few over the wall. "It's going, going, going, GONE!" Said the announcer when the Rockies hit their first home run. They lost by 10. The Brewers are in for a very bad season this year.