Sales Promotion

Premium Item Give Aways

Teams sometimes offer an item, like bobble heads or t shirts, for those fans who come to the game. The Give Away is used as an incentive to attract fans.

Contests and Sweepstakes

Contests and sweepstakes are events that are held by teams and companies that off a prize for the winner, who is often chosen at random, especially in a sweepstakes.
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Companies may offer a small portion or trial of their product to consumers for free in hopes that the consumer will like the product an buy it.
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Point of Purchase Display

Companies will set up displays that showcase their product right at the check out of the store so everyone making a purchase will walk by and see it.
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Special Events

A special one time event that occurs before, during, or after a game or event. The special event will draw customers to the game.


Teams and companies will offer discounts or other bargains through coupons. The coupons will attract more customers because they feel like they are saving money so it is a smart purchase.
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