The Benefits Broadcast

August 2015

August Stats....

3,043 Calls... Avg caller wait time: 5 seconds, Avg Specialist "handle" time: 4:57 minutes

460 Faxes

1933 Emails

471 HRHD Cases in My Hub/PeopleSoft

317 Job Status Changes in Destiny

824 Worksheets submitted

334 Benefit Termination Letters

89 Evidence of Insurability Applications

102 Leave of Absence Premium Due Invoices

212 Missing Information Letters

In the News...

Change is a good thing!

As you all know, Annual Open Enrollment is right around the corner! Aetna will be our new vendor for both Life & Disability coverage this year, and Connect Your Care will be the new vendor for flex spending and health savings administration!

Additionally, both of the cancer/specified disease plans this year will be available for enrollment with NO evidence of insurability (EOI) required! This is a one-time exception for the 2016 Annual Open Enrollment window.

Work is also underway to create some additional enhancements to our online enrollment portals (both PeopleSoft and Destiny clients) that will allow employees to have a better overall user experience!

More information soon to come! Good things, full steam ahead!

Bizarre Trivia of the Day

August was named in honor of Augustus Caesar. It has 31 days because Augustus wanted as many days as Julius Caesar's month of July had. They took that extra day away from February.