Trial By Ice

By Richard Perry

What is it about?

Trial By Ice is about the Polaris expedition of 1871


In the book there were times where there was conflict between characters, such as the conflict between the captain, the chief scientist ,and the ice master which led to the captains demise. There was also conflict between the crew after the death of the captain some of the crew believed that the captain had been murdered and some didn't know what to think because the chief scientist ,and the ice master were acting very relived and almost happy about it and they didn't trust the rest of the crew so it ended very badly for some of the crew.

Quotes from the book

"Fearing that something in the coffee had effected him, Hall asked Dr.Bessel for an emetic. If his vomiting had left anything harmful behind, further regurgitation could only help.......Surprisingly Bessel shook is head "No. Your strong enough", he said. "One would weaken you to much". Bryan blinked at this recommendation."(page 107) Dr.Bessel was a smart man he went to school but why would he not give Captain Hall what he needed even the other man in the room was surprised he makes people think he wants what ever is poisoning the Captain to really work. But that was the second time that he tried to poison and he succeeded and it was hard on the crew after that. "Captain Hall's sudden death jerked the linchpin from the Polaris expedition. For all shortcomings, his presence had held the factions together.Even before the lichen crept across Captain Hall's fresh grave,trouble began" The crew is having trouble now that the captain is gone and it all went downhill from there.