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Math Facts Spreadsheets

Please remember to send the Math Facts spreadsheets to Lindsey Lillig by Wednesday, May 17th. If you have any questions, please contact Lindsey and she can assist.

Important Academic Reminders

*Let me know if there are any students they have not yet done F&P testing and you need some assistance with. (We may be able to help on Wednesday morning if needed).

*Enter F&P scores on datasheet.

*Please make sure to administer the Local Assessment(s) to any students that were absent when you took it.

*We will be Aimsweb testing K & 1st on Monday. Please do not send students to the reading room.

*Please bring pink sheets to the class placement meetings. These should include the following: pink sheet with a current data point, most recent F&P assessment and the cover sheet showing what F&P's you gave throughout the year.

Retirement Celebration!

I would like to thank everyone that was able to attend the Retirement Celebration on Friday at Maggiano's. It was great to see so many current and past Lincoln staff members come together and celebrate Jodi, Terry and Debby. Thank you for all of the stories and laughs that made the night a true celebration!

Service Awards and Retirement Celebration

The Service Awards and Retirement Celebration will take place this Thursday, May 19th from 4-6 PM at the Chicago Marriott Naperville. The event is hosted by District 200, Wheaton Warrenville Education Association and Classified Employees Association. If you haven't reserved your spot and would still like to go, please contact Erica to see if spots are still available.

Science Update: Reminder

Otto and I will be coming around to pick up your current science text books the week of May 16th. Please have them on top of a table or bookshelf for easy access. Please see information below regarding supplemental science material. Ask the front office if you need a box for those items.

Cindy Reuter will be visiting buildings the week of May 23rd to box up current science texts, and teacher editions. Please continue to send back your science kit materials and DVDs to Cindy Reuter at the Textbook Center as soon as possible, so that the inventory process can begin. You will receive your new TCi textbooks at the start of the school year along with new kit materials to accompany TCi lessons.

Classroom Placement Requests

Please send me the names of two children that you would like to request for your class next school year. Please have this to me by Wednesday, May 18th.

LLC Dates to Know: Reminder

All books should be returned to the library by the end of the day on May 20. The last day of classes in the LLC is Monday, May 23rd. Debbie's "5 days" will be the 24th-26th and the 31st-1st.

Leveled Library

Please return all books to the leveled library by May 20th. If you are planning to use books past that date, please let the Reading Room know.

On the horizon

5/16: Aimsweb Testing

5/17: 5th Grade Science Testing (see master schedule for times)

5/17: Student Principal in AM and PM (teachers have been contacted via email)

5/18: Rope Warrior Assemblies

K-2 @ 115 PM and 3-5 @ 215 PM

5/19: 4th Grade Field Trip to Lincoln Marsh

5/19: Service Awards at Chicago Naperville Marriott 4-6 PM

5/19: VIP Day Reid

5/20: VIP Day Jeter

Duties for the week:

Team: Tigers

1st Grade Door-Donna Evans

K Playground-Beth Anderson

South Playground-Karen Ringas and Cynthia Heilingoetter

5th Grade Door-Shannon Worcester

Lounge Duty: Jenna Aagaard

After School Car Duty Volunteer: Sean O'Deay

Quote of the Week:

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”

~Maya Angelou

May Birthdays

5/5: Deanna Bero

5/9: Debbie Queen

5/13: Melissa Kessler

5/25: Lynda Gilgenbach

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