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Volume 2, Number 16: September 30, 2020

Corner Middle School Set to Re-Open Monday, October 5th

As you are all aware, Corner Middle School is preparing to re-open school on October 5th for students in grades 5-8. While it is not on a fully traditional schedule, we are excited about the opportunity to see our kids face-to-face beginning next week! Each evening this week, we will send home a Weekly Buzz Update to share information that will help transition your child back into school. The hybrid A/B schedule is set to run for two weeks, before we return fully on October 19th. Please take a moment to review these updates each day! Thank you for your support of your student and Corner Middle School!

CMS Re-Opening Plan: Navigating the Two-Week Hybrid Period

476. That is the number of students who are enrolled at Corner Middle School. The families of 421 students have told us their children are coming back to school on October 5th. Making that transition back to traditional schooling for the two-week hybrid learning period with the A/B schedule has been the topic of much conversation and planning on the part of our faculty at CMS.

Our goal for the two-week period? Make as few changes as possible to help our students and their families adjust successfully AND work to assure a smooth transition to five-day-a-week traditional learning on October 19th. With some changes, we think we have accomplished this for the TWO-WEEK PERIOD.

Dr. Gonsoulin announced the A/B schedule that has students whose last names begin with the letters A-L coming on Monday and Tuesday. Students whose last names begin with the letters M-Z will come back to school on Thursday and Friday. Wednesday has been designated as a deep cleaning and teacher planning day.

To accommodate that schedule we have made the following adjustments to our daily schedule (which is reflected in the graphics below);

1. Because all of the buses in the Corner Feeder Pattern are running at their regular times, school begins at the regular time instead of at 9:00. You have to get up earlier. The doors open at 7:25 AM. At 7:45 students will transition to classes. First period begins at 7:55 AM.

2.The Monday "All Periods" schedule for ALL STUDENTS has moved to Wednesday. It will, however, be asynchronous, as a part of the district's A/B schedule design.

3. We will continue the odd and even periods for REMOTE LEARNERS. Remote learners will log on for WebEx classroom instruction Students who come to school for traditional instruction will follow their regular schedule.

4. While there are two schedules below, the only difference in the two is when we serve lunch to 5th/6th Grades (4th Period) and 7th/8th Grades (5th Period). The time frames are the same.

5. Our process for TRADITIONAL LEARNERS is:

  • Come to school on time.
  • Follow your daily schedule as you normally would.
  • Eat lunch as scheduled.
  • Go home at the end of the day.
  • Do asynchronous work all day on Wednesday.
  • Do asynchronous work assigned on day you are in the remote setting unless otherwise directed by your teacher.

6. Our process for REMOTE LEARNERS is:

  • Log on to your Odd or Even WebEx for direct instruction AT THE BEGINNING of every designated class period. Not in the middle or at the end. AT THE BEGINNING.
  • Complete work in Schoology after the WebEx. Email teachers when you need assistance.
  • Eat lunch at home during the time designated for your lunch or in a break after the WebEx.
  • Attend the WebEx advisory class on your scheduled day.
  • Do asynchronous work all day on Wednesday.
  • Do asynchronous work assigned unless otherwise directed by your teacher.

Our hope is that we have ALL of our kids back at school on October 19th or at the beginning of the second quarter!

Big picture
Big picture

We have answers to 10 of your most burning questions!

1. What time do the doors open on October 5th? 7:25 AM

2. Will our kids have lockers this year? No. We must avoid groupings in common areas in order to maintain social distancing.

3. Then where will the kids put their books? They will leave them at home to use as resources, have at home for asynchronous activities, or to utilize should a quarantine be necessary.

4. Then what should they bring to school? Their school-issued device, pen/pencil, notebooks or binders, planner, a mask, and they may have a water bottle (no sodas).

5. Will they be on the computer ALL DAY? No. We will still utilize Schoology everyday, but teachers will be teaching each day kids are here.

6. Can they leave their school-issued device at school? No. It has to come to school and go back home each day.

7. What happens if they don't have a school-issued device? They can bring one that you have provided for them if you'd like. On October 5th, we will begin to take stock of who needs a device, submit those numbers to the district, and issue them when they become available.

8. Are we dressing out in PE? No.

9. Can we have cell phones this year? You could have cell phones last year. They had to be turned off and in lockers. With no lockers, they must stay in your book bags. They should be out for no reason. The same cell phone policy applies. Parents, please remember, the school IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, or BROKEN cellular devices.

10. Will we have mask breaks? Yes. At appropriate times, we will work them into the schedule.

Schedule for Weekly Buzz Updates as We Prepare to Re-Open

Please look for information in a Weekly Buzz Update each day this week on the following topics to assist our families:

Wednesday, September 30th: Instructional Information (Navigating the Two-Week Hybrid Period)

Thursday, October 1st: Instructional Information (Successful Traditional and Remote School Days)

Friday, October 2nd: Instructional Information (Academic Progress and My Student in the First Quarter)

Saturday, October 3rd: Policy and Procedure Information (Dress Code, Cell Phones, and the Code of Conduct)

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